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Tim Bayly Comes Out of His Dark Corner


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to comment on Rachel Held Evan's blog for daring to refer to God in the feminine. :violin:

Dear Rachel, the world will fall at your feet as you weave your sentimental, feminine tapestry. After all, we live in an age when men are effeminate and women are set on self-glorification and self-promotion to the headship God Himself decreed for man-as-man. But on That Day, God will judge these lies and Beth Impson will cry the tears of a mother in the Faith you would neither listen to nor obey. Repent, dear woman. God is the Father from Whom all fatherhood gets its name. Scripture reveals him AS a father, but only LIKE a mother. You are deceived and have become a wicked deceiver. Turn before it's too late.

Nice to know he's still a pompous oaf, even off his domain.


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Yeah, he really gets around, but then cries like a baby when those who disagree with him have the nerve to post on his blog. :roll:

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Tim Balyy actually left the safety and editorial control of his blog to comment elsewhere? He and his life-partner, David, are usually more wary of open debate than that.

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