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My brain hurts. Journey to the Heart


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Who on earth wrote this stellar sales piece for the Gothard indoctrination camp? I wish I could write them to ask them to please fire their "editor."


Sorry, I still haven't figured out the embed feature here, so the link follows:





After those days of preparation, they will travel up to the Northwoods of MI, where the Journey really takes place. The Northwoods conference center is nestled in a breathtaking piece of God's creation, and it's remoteness, makes the time away so much more effective, as normal distractions are left behind.


I would have been downgraded for this mess in the 6th grade (ebil public school, of course). Wouldn't "a breathtaking, remote piece of God's creation" been sufficient? In that sentence, the its/it's blunder wouldn't have been an issue. :naughty:

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