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The Brown Family and 'Church'


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I was curious about The Brown Family and 'church'. Since on the show, Sister Wives, they refer to church and attending a church, participating in activities, etc.

On the Wikipedia site, The Brown Family is discussed and their 'church' background is that The Browns are a family belonging to the Apostolic United Brethren Church. However, while reading I discovered that the members of AUB don't use the word church or like to call it a church. It discussed that there are a few centers, located in Mexico and Utah and that there are no churches as in other faiths.

Is it interesting that The Brown Family describes it this way ?

Does anyone know about The Brown Family's 'church' ? What is was that they attended ? Or are apart of ?

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Yes, they are part of the AUB. I think they were using the term church on TV because its what most people will relate to. The AUB is the most liberal Polygamily group in Utah. I think that the Browns do their own services on Sunday in their home right now.

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IIRC, in the episode that showed the teenagers trying to make friends, they talked about how they didn't have a church home at the time because their denomination didn't have a congregation in Vegas, and they wouldn't be welcome at 'regular' Mormon churches. So, yeah, that pretty much leaves home churching.

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