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Joy D?


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Fitted plaid flannel shirts were all the rage... not last fall, but the one before, maybe (or was it the fall before that?). I have one myself, though I also wear a non-fitted flannel that's a relic of my 90's grunge days in middle school. :shock: Anyway, what's weird is that I've seen many fundie girls wearing them. I've even seen "matching" blue ones on the Roberts kids and another family. It sticks out in my mind because I, too, think of it as a less-feminine style (I have a pixie cut, and I always find myself putting on extra eyeliner when I wear my flannel shirt). Of course, I also consider polo shirts to be less feminine, and that's been a fundie staple for years.

I see a lot of fundie girls wearing them, but I think it's possibly because of their Revisionist history lessons and how much love cowboy stuff gets in their world?

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