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Leading a little Congolese to God


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I live in North Carolina, an area known for its religious craziness. In order to understand the culture I read various blogs of people who are nearby.

One of those blogs, leahgillen.org/, has been chronicling her journey with her husband’s suicide last year. Of course, she says it’s all God’s will and he is in charge. Leah seems in the depths of despair at times. To me, it reads like a normal grief journey with ups and downs.

Now, she has received word from God that she is to adopt a Congolese girl. She’s dealing with an agency which charges approximately $35,000 to complete the adoption. The next bit is not unexpected: she has no money and is therefore pleading with blog readers to donate. Somehow she expected to raise the first bit ($4,000) in the last nine days. Lo and behold, it hasn’t happened! God just hasn’t delivered the dollars. She give excuses.

None of this is new, I know. But what really got under my skin is Leah writing this in her March 16 post:

Thinking of Holly in the Congo and longing to bring her home as quickly as possible has left me researching most evenings this week for all kinds of fundraising and financial resources to fund this adoption. The thoughts of rescuing this orphan and leading her to Christ gives me more joy than I can even explain.

Leah is hoping to have a notch on her belt for guiding yet another poor orphan to Christ and her Christian friends at the Christian radio station she works at will all pat her on the back. I’m hoping this little girl gets a family who truly loves her and doesn’t have proselytizing as their main objective.

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has left me researching most evenings this week for all kinds of fundraising and financial resources to fund this adoption.

Has it occurred to her that she could spend this time WORKING an extra job to actually EARN the money herself? Yeah, I know, crazy idea.

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I don't think this is a 419 scam since she does reference the adoption agency (MLJ Adoptions out of Indiana). MLJ has a website that doesn't seem scamy...but is expensive. I am rather surprised for all the holiness that Leah puts on her blog it doesn't seem that MLJ is Christian based.

Yep, Leah and her teenage daughter, Anna could get an extra job to pay for this "whisper from God", but then how would that make good blog material? As it is, she can heap the sad laments for money upon her blog readers.

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