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Single Parents Are Child Abusers


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Well that's true, but they are being mocked for their fundi-ism, not because it's a two parent household. This politician was claiming mocking of "old fashioned families", and I haven't seen any evidence of families being mocked solely because the parents are married.

I don't think he just means nuclear family, but nuclear family where Dad works and Mom stays home and etc...

And we don't even snark that as much as we snark people who want to make everyone else live that way.

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In October he told Family Research Council president Tony Perkins that single moms are "the political base of the Democratic party." He continued, "Why? Because it's so tough economically that they look to the government for help and therefore they're going to vote. So if you want to reduce the Democratic advantage, what you want to do is build two-parent families; you eliminate that desire for government."

In an effort to encourage people to get married, Santorum has proposed eliminating head-of-household exemptions for unmarried parents, while tripling their value for married parents. "We shouldn't have incentives for people not to be married," he said in October.

Fuck this.

Yes, I am a single mother (admittedly one who was left by her husband - however I'm sure in their eyes that's all my fault as I am the woman) and I am the head of my household. Does it not occur to anyone that just punishing people for not getting married won't make people get married?

And I don't vote Democrat because I'm a single mom and I get help from the government. I vote Democrat because I have a brain and a uterus, and I like to use both of them as I see fit.

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I always thought that anyone spouting doom and gloom about single-parent families should use the term "one-parent absent families", to drive home the point that the parent who is around is generally working damn hard to do their best.

Anyway, how about the law not interfering with real social science research into the causes of child abuse?

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