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Ok it can't get crazier ? well it did


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Hitler balloons? nazi cake?

Pin the Mustache on Adolph? Goose-Step Off?


I always wonder where these denialists think those millions of people went.

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Most Holocaust deniers start with the argument that there were not six million Jews in Europe before the Holocaust. They play a numbers game with their twisted logic. As my professor said in my first Holocaust history class, "Why do the numbers really matter? Is it more palatable for only 1000 people of a group to be persecuted?" There are also claims that photos were doctored or say that they show 'normal' war time prison camps and that the people featured were common criminals. If they can get someone to agree that one part of the Holocaust story is questionable, then they consider their argument valid all the way through.

What I've always wondered is how do they get around some of the eyewitness accounts. General Patton hallucinated? All of the liberating soldiers were seeing things?

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Actually, a larger number of non-Jews died. The reason it is often perceived as a Jewish genocide is that Hitler specifically and repeatedly excoriated the Jews, blaming them for Germany's failures.

I have seen estimates that range as high as 20 million non-Jewish deaths attributed to the Holocaust.

And THAT is also revisionist history. (Unless that 20 million is counting World War II deaths, including military in that number).

Yes, others died, gays, "gypsies" (their terminology at the time), Christians who supported Jews or who spoke out against Hitler, political enemies of the Hitler regime, etc. I don't see historical record denying this. But the Holocaust was still massively targeted (and unfortunately, very successful) at eliminating Jews.

FTR I am not Jewish. But this revisionist history is very wrong.

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