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The rules: You must say something nice about the following fundies. It can be about anything from their looks to their personality. BUT it must be nice :D Have fun!



Steve Maxwell


Teri Maxwell


Sarah Maxwell


Gil Bates


Kelly Bates







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Steve: Um. As far as we know, he hasn't killed anyone.

Teri: She's written a book, which is more than I can say I've done.

Sarah: She must have some level of mental toughness to be able to endure living with Steve, she's in good shape, and she seems to love her family a lot.

I don't know enough about the Bateses to comment on them, except that Erin is very pretty and has lovely hair that would have been the envy of every girl in my grade, circa 1990.

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Guest Anonymous

Steve Maxwell--the tie & shirt is wearing on their website

Teri Maxwell---that she finds the time to write, something most mothers of just one child doesn't have time to do

Sarah Maxwell---seems to enjoy being the family blogger

Gil Bates--he went to college

Kelly Bates--she went to college

Michaella---she seems to love kids

Erin--pretty hair & is a good pianist

Nathan--his looks like a good 'ol country boy

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Steve -- He dresses up good.

Teri -- I think she really loves her kids.

Sarah -- She's gorgeous and seems very kind.

Gil -- He's a good husband.

Kelly -- Shes a good momma to the little ones.

Michaella -- She loves her siblings.

Erin -- Good Pianist.

Nathan -- Sweet kid.

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Steve Maxwell - he hasn't killed anyone lately, dunno about his air force days though.

Teri Maxwell - She likes Pepsi. I agree. She should drink it. I do, and yes I know it's bad for you but it is one of my weaknesses so I buy the odd can here and there.

Sarah Maxwell - She's pretty

Gil Bates - Umm, trying to think of something...

Kelly Bates - Again, trying to think of something...

Michaella: - She's inoffensive and seems to care for her siblings.

Erin: - She's pretty.

Nathan: - Which one is Nathan?

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The parents: All their children are still alive and are not starving to death.

The kids: Mental toughness for not running away from home in such an oppressive lifestyle at the age of 10.

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Steve - named his bus Uriah - kind of a cool name for a bus

Teri - enjoys being with her grandchildren

Sarah - pretty smile, has written several fictional narratives without having ever been able to read others to get ideas

Gil - Cute, in an "Aw shucks" kinda way

Kelly - was genuinely thankful when the Duggars and Wilsons began to remodel her house

Michaela - is studying English Literture form College Minus, so hpefully reading and enjoying the classics

Erin - is a good pianist

Nathan - would probably love the opportunity to work on a cattle ranch or sheep station

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Steve: Manages to make the dough to feed, clothe, and the women/girls appear to have enough hot water to wash their volumonous hair.

Teri: She...gave birth a lot more times than I have...um...

Sarah: Manages her probable emotional pain at being an aging SAHD into writing, no matter how questionable the writing and topic matter

Gil: Managed to bilk the Duggars/TLC for a remodel

Kelly: Managed to decorate (however questionably) the bilked remodel

Michaela: Her essentially self-education is better than no education at all...I hope she's branching out in secret at the library and convinced her parents that 'Moby Dick' isn't about literal dicks.

Erin: I feel bad for Erin Bates, in a way. She's 'the good pianist.' She has no other qualities except being 'the pianist.' Did I mention she plays the piano? For me, her finest quality is that she didn't axe murder her parents after refusing to let her take the full scholarship.

Nathan: I am fairly confident he has never sexually violated a horse or cow. Sheep are still up for question.

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Steve -- He doesn't really have to work at being a controlling jerk.

Teri -- Hasn't murdered her husband in his sleep

Sarah -- She seems sweet.

Gil -- Never says no to sex with Kelly.

Kelly -- She has managed to do the impossible and have a slightly more grating voice than Michelle.

Michaella -- Good at being the family workhorse.

Erin -- Her hair is the same color as Cousin It on the Adam Family and nearly the same thickness.

Nathan -- Don't know enough about Nathan

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Maxwells - their Christmas gingerbread house party looks like fun (solely from the pictures- I don't really follow/read their blog). They seem to be really enjoying themselves as a family from the pictures.

Sarah M. seems really sweet.

I don't know enough about the Bates to contribute...

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Sarah has many homemaking skills and will appreciate having a husband and children more than the average 18 year old fundie girl getting married off.

Terri.ummm, she has a full head of hair and is fit.

Steve.ummmm,he probably doesn't smoke or do illegal drugs around this family. Doesn't wreck the bus too often? (He did tear up that Canadian road last winter so I cannot say he is the greatest driver...)

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Gil Bates - runs a 'tree business'

Kelly - seems like a genuine person and more hands on of a momma with a mega family

Erin - plays piano but says she goes to the college she does because what if we had to sit next to someone with green hair at a normal college!

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I don't know anything about the Bates, but I will play along with the Maxwells:

Stevie -- he has taught his boys to be hard workers with engineering minds; they can analyze and fix issues with the bus, they can pour a concrete driveway, they can build a house. I am impressed by that.

Teri -- she knows how to delegate and she had the patience to homeschool 8 kids.

Sarah -- she's pretty and she has an eye for photography.

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The only one I really know about is Erin, from watching 19KaC. I thought she was so adorable when she was little. She has grown up to be quite striking and I hope her musical talents take her wherever she truly wants to go in life.

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Oh, Jesus Christ on a pogo stick! I'll give this one a whirl!

Steve: "lets" his oldest daughter run their blog

Terri: Knows how to sew

Sarah: She seems so genuinly kind

Gil Bates: Is still attracted to his wife

Kelly: doesn't choose one initial for her kids

I have nothing on the Bates kids, I just don't know enough about them!

BTW, the only easy one to do was Sarah.

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Can't do them all, but I'll give them this:

Sarah M: She seems to be passionate about her writing, and disciplined enough to actually do it! More than I've got most days. ;) I sincerely hope that she is able to develop her craft.

Kelly Bates: She seems to genuinely enjoy her kids.

Michaella: Works her ass off.

Erin: Great musician, will hopefully be able to develop her talents to her full ability.

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Steve: Um. As far as we know, he hasn't killed anyone.

He served in the Air Force in Viet Nam. Now the Air Force didn't have the big role that the Marines and Army had in Nam and didn't do grunt work. But they did drop bombs and Agent Orange so I don't think we can say he hasn't killed anyone. He may have, indirectly if not hand to hand combat. And Agent Orange continues to kill vets to this day, as well as Viet Namese people.

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Don't know the Maxwells well but Sarah is obviously incredibly patient!


Gil...college educated, started a business where he could employ his boys (if you are going to isolate your kids, at least have them doing something useful), has Daddy time everyday with the kids, looks at Kelly with the same adoring look she gives him

Kelly...actually seems interested in her kids rather the just her tally and/or the latest baby, involved in raising said kids rather than palming the job entirely onto a sister-mum

Michaela...seems genuinely happy about the house, attempting to get college education (even if it is a pretend college), quite pretty in a natural way rather than the manufactured 'glamour' of her sisters

Erin...tricky...I am picturing her crying about tornadoes on the way to an ATI conference, complaining about the Duggar boys getting her out in paintball, scared of sitting next to a boy with green hair at college (my son has green hair) and I have trouble finding the nice.

Nathan...I think Nathan is a bit of a sweetie and it's not his fault that he is a twelve and trapped in the body of an eighteen year old, wants to be a preacher and for someone who hasn't seen many options in his closed little world this is a really sensible goal (better than physical work like his father or selling cars like Josh D, both of which have an unreliable income)

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