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Michelle's submissive wife instructions revealed


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Remember how people were trying to figure out what was on Michelle's paper at the speech she gave te other day? Well, it's even more vomit-inducing than I had feared. Radaronline.com broke the story (http://www.radaronline.com/exclusives/2 ... y-marriage) and provided a link to the church website that has the paper in full - all 12 pages of soul-sucking hell(http://www.radaronline.com/sites/radaro ... usband.pdf).


The "church" also claims they have a paper for men on how to treat their wives, but (not surprisingly), it is in progress. Because, we simpletons (women) are in much more need of behavioral help, dontchaknow :hand: .


Behold a few of the gems I noticed:

"1. When a wife intrudes into one responsibility, her husband often surrenders other

responsibilities as well.

2. A wife may avoid temporary consequences by taking matters into her own hands, but doing

so will ultimately cause destruction"

and "1. God works through a man's decisions - good or bad.

2. Bad decisions reveal his needs and allow the wife to appeal and demonstrate Godly character."

So remember, ladies, if your man is going to do something incredibly idiotic/dangerous/illegal and you tell him it's not smart, you will crush his manly spirit forever! No real man can handle being second-guessed by a lowly female (where's the puking smilie when I need it??!!



.... because convincing women to follow that rule wouldn't lead to any of them not getting help in an abusive situation :evil:


And, finally, a gem that explains the simpering look she has on her face whenever the boob is speaking "LOOK AT YOUR HUSBAND ADMIRINGLY WHEN HE TALKS TO OTHERS, IT INSPIRES THEIR RESPECT." No, Michelle, it makes everyone think you havea mental illness!

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      I have discovered a DELIGHTFUL youtube channel where you can watch Sovereign Citizens get arrested.  😁
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      Guess I should update again? Frieda (Kiki, we renamed her) is here since the end of February 2021. She came with a bunch of problems, but is the best dog ever and is doing better every day. But we do now know how a dog with ptsd looks like. For real, not joking. If she is triggered during the day, she wakes up screaming at night. Not like dogs dream, but literally screaming. Other than that she went with us on countless trips, loves hiking and even cable cars. She is one heck of a fearless dog in situations who do not remind her of her old life. 
      My Grandpa passed away last May and I'm still grieving a lot. After sharing a house with my grandparents for over 30 years it is just horrible to lose one of them. Even though it was his decision and he got to go like he wanted. At home, in his bed during the night without doctors. He would have need more care and he did not want more care. So after turning 90 he decided to let go and became weaker and weaker. 
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      When it's a mix of religion and violent crime, I post the thread in the Quiverfull of True Crime section.
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      Yes this is true 

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      Life is short. Live it.
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      I don't always make good decisions for myself due to severe depression but I did today actively decide not to do something that might have been detrimental for me and am very proud of myself. 
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      Well, this is weird. At some point, recently, I broke my wrist. I had to get a Dexa-scan today (put it off for years) and along with some bone loss, damn I had it a few minutes ago… the results said, “Fracture risk is moderate, and the patient has a significant wrist fracture. Treatment is advised.”  my left wrist aches a little but not near as much as my back, feet, knees or fingers, damn RA. I have no idea how it happened. I haven’t fallen in 2 years, haven’t banged or bumped…  the dr will call tomorrow and we’ll get  this straightened out.
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      I got my thin mint fix this evening...

      I'm looking forward to when my nieces can be my Thin Mint suppliers.
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      I got my stickers today after renewing my vehicle registration. 
      Just reminded me again how different Minnesota is from Iowa.  Since I didn't register my vehicle in January last year, I got a sticker for the month since all MN plates are made with JAN printed in the lower left hand corner.  They also require people to put stickers on both the front and back plates, as opposed to Iowa that just want's the single sticker on the rear plate.
      Oh well, considering how MN is trying to move into the 2020s while Iowa is trying to lurch the fuck back to the 1840s, the type and number of license plate stickers is really a minor thing.
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