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Islamic polygamists being honest

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I stumbled onto this post when looking up info on another blogger.




It's about why wives are jealous of other wives. What's refreshing (but really sad) is that while they exhort themselves to turn to Allah, none of them sound the least bit happy about the situation. In fact, many of the women haven't even met the other wives, or have barely met them.

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I actually lurk a lot at that website (train wreck potential is high) and most of the women there are so delusional and fucked up it’s sad (and I say this as someone who has no problem with consensual polyamory)

The woman who runs the website has, since the beginning of her husband's marriage with his second wife, grasped onto every single little thing possible to prove to herself that her marriage is more legitimate than the second wife's (despite the fact she touts polygamous marriages in general as being legit) She's really into the fact that she has a marriage license while the second wife doesn't, even though in a Muslim polyamous marriage the only thing that should matter is the religious marriage ceremony (she gets around this by saying she doesn't think the second wife is a True Muslim, so that doesn't count either) She's also very fond of saying "I've made peace with my husband's second marriage", then a couple weeks later recounting some nasty horrible thing she did recently involving the second wife, then a little while later claiming to be okay with the second marriage again. She also refuses to recognize that she's done some really fucked up to the second wife and instead fixates on all the ways the second wife has supposedly wronged her (one such incident was where she broke into her husband’s locked cell phone, found naked pictures of the second wife and, iirc, copied them onto her phone and made a veiled threat to the second wife about releasing them onto the internet)

Like I said, I’m perfectly okay with consenting adults being partnered up however they want but I am completely disgusted by hypocritical and self-deluded people like some of the women on that site.

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