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For men: How to make yourself look foolish....


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...Harass a FB group of headcovering ladies. :lol:

I am very bad, but I stayed with the discussion until he started stalking my FB activity and posting it to the group as "proof" of my evilness (as if he needed it, I advocate the celebration of Christmas!! and have no problem with eating halal meat!! obviously evil incarnate here :twisted: ), and then I blocked him (because FB apparently lets non-friends see activity unless you specifically block them? or else I'm FB-stupid, everything is set to friends only, it seems that's not enough). It was my temporary foolish amusement of the month. :lol:

If I were to hazard a guess, he is somehow connected with that church that stands on corners holding signs about women submitting and divorce/remarriage being the unforgiveable sin. I know some of their blogs have made it to FJ once in a while. He's got the beard and the attitude.

I'm sure some will get a laugh at the idea of fundies being harassed by other fundies. :lol: Me, I just thought it was funny that his "I'm a male, you must bow to my opinion" didn't fly even in a Christian headcovering group. There is a variety of women in the group, not all fundy, but even the ones who are weren't generally positive about the idea of a tantruming internet troll being some kind of "authority". On a scale of 1-10, I'm thinking his frustration level is about 11. :lol:

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