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[Repost] Catch me up here: The Chanceys.


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I've been sifting through the archives, and they come up a lot. I'm just not sure what they do in the VF hierarchy.

Who are they kin to, who do they work with, and how many of them are there? Catch me up?

Her husband Matt is close to Doug Phillips. There was a long issue with him being involved in the Mrs. Binoculars debacle. (What a drama)

Jennie is one of the founders of Ladies Against Feminism, a co-author of the Passionate Housewives book, and a frequent twister of facts and information. She and Stacy McDonald are pretty close, although I find Stacy McDonald easier to deal with than Jennie Chancey.

They have 9 children so far.

And aren't they in Africa saving souls or something now?

Matt Chancey (husband of Jennie) is a good friend of Dougie's, and an employee of Dougie's brother Brad's "non-profit," the Persecution Project (persecutionproject.org/general/christians-gather-heart-dixie-support-ppf/). Apparently, Matt & Jennie and their (at last count) nine kids have moved to Kenya in order for Matt to continue his work with that entity (sensibility.com/about/). Dougie & the Chanceys have had quite mutual admiration society going for years as well as what

appears to be a profitable business relationship. The Chanceys peddle VF products on her ridiculous website, Ladies Against

Feminism, and VF has published or put out a number of Jennie's materials, including Jennie's & Stacy's McDonald's stupid

book Passionate Housewives Desperate for God and Jennie's talk on her father, Jennie B and the Pilot (first given at the 2005 VF Father & Daughter Retreat and now available as a download from BlueBehemoth.com).

It's not clear when or how Dougie & the Chanceys became such good friends; it possibly happened when all of them were employed by the Home School Legal Defense Association back in Virginia in the mid-1990s. Jennie's late father was a HSLDA board member (hslda.org/courtreport/V13N4/V13N404.asp) which is how Jennie came to be working there & then met Chancey when he showed up for an internship (ylcf.org/courtship-stories/chancey/).

Why, yes, that's right - Jennie was actually a single woman working outside the home when she met Matt. What's more, she had graduated from college before she started working at her job as a "Media and Public Relations Liaison for HSLDA."

Confused? Don't be! Just remember, "Do as we say, not as we do."

Yes but remember--Jennie was only working because she was a feminist! And her parents FORCED her to go to college, where she became a feminist!

That's right. And because she is dissatisfied with her college experience, no other girl should ever go. Because each of us, as women, should live identical lives.

So, they're first gen patriocentrists, but second or third gen Homeschool Dominionists. Interesting.

HSLDF is the biggest fearmongering scam in the history of ever. . .

Jennie was actually a single woman working outside the home when she met Matt.

Wow you mean you can actually meet your future spouse at work! Or college? Yeah, I'm looking right at you Doug, Geoff and Voddie.

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[Repost] Catch me up here: The Chanceys.

I am. . .all caught up on the Chanceys now.

Any chance we could feed them to a wildebeest or a lion?

Matt Chancey is no Isiah Mustafa, that's for sure.

Jennie & Matt Chancey's courtship story is up on YLCF, for anyone interested: http://ylcf.org/courtship-stories/chancey/

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fundyfunland, Jennie says women should give their votes to their husbands. So she votes...sort of. Just Matt fills it in.

Defrauding, Old Spice came under so much fire that that contest, which was the first annual, ended up being the only. There are no plans to have another contest like that again.

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