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The Seven Sisters got matching frumpers for Xmas + updates


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You don't need kitty-print frumpers to mark your status as crazy cat lady. The fur on all your clothes is your uniform! Incidentally, I think the right number of cats is 4, but only in a house that has at least 4 different rooms. I'm in a 1-bedroom apartment and I wouldn't feel right having more than two cats. Right now I have just the one because he would get so jealous, but after he's gone I might try to get two that already get along with each other.

I have a cat tree, but naturally my cat has no interest in it. Right now I'm using it as a coat rack.

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They are now on some weird GAPS diet. I attempted to read about it but it was too weird.

The dad is short, I'm wondering if the boys will be short with huge towering sisters. They do have this very weird facial 'look' about them, even if you eliminated their weird clothes they all would look slightly odd.

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My husband jokes that I will be a crazy cat lady when I'm old. Right now we have two - a torbie and her tabby mom. They don't like to cuddle (except the torbie in the morning before I wake up and both of them between 4-5pm), which makes me sad.

I assume you cat folk have seen the "Engineer's Guide to Cats?" if not, you should.

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