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New York Hasidic Women Want Separate EMT Unit


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There are private busses, I know that.. Not sure about ambulances.

Yes, they do have a private ambulance service with EMTs. But the idea that Hasidic (or Jewish) women aren't allowed to be touched by a man other than their husband is nonsense. Torah is very clear about allowing doctors of either sex to do anything medically necessary to a woman or a man, especially (but not only) when a life is at risk.

ETA: I looked at the article and it is a lot more specific (and understandable) than what the OP said. The Hasidic women want to organize a separate, female unit within Hatzalah (their ambulance service) specifically for delivering babies and other sensitive situations. But that's a preference that probably stems from the extreme sensitivity to extramarital male-female closeness of any kind that is cultivated in that culture. It is NOT because of anything that their religion dictates they are "not allowed" to do.

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