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Hope this is in the right forum, if not, soz mods, please move...

Today I are mostly reading about the Brighton bombing, as it is relevant to my interests. For those who do not know, this was in 1984 and was when the IRA (Irish Republican Army) planted a bomb in a hotel in Brighton (England) in an attempt to kill Margaret Thatcher and her Cabinet who were staying there. They didn't succeed but they did kill five people and seriously injure 34.

Jo Berry's dad died in the bomb blast, but as she got older she decided she wanted to meet the person responsible, an IRA man called Patrick Magee. At first the IRA weren't keen. But finally a meeting was arranged.

When she met Magee they struck up an unlikely friendship. He stands by his action but says Jo showed him there was a human side to what he saw as "the enemy" and he regrets causing her the pain he did. Jo says she still feels anger but she has come to understand the path he took and like him personally. They set up a reconciliation charity and have visited many places and spoken together about moving away from "us and them" thinking.

I was struck by the contrast between that and crazy Franki who thinks an email murdered her baby (or heavy period, as we know it) and cannot.let.go. I'll leave out my political view on the bombing ;) but I was touched by Jo's vision to reconcile.

I wonder why fundies are vengeful, and how religious and non religious FJists see forgiveness, and how they apply it?

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That is an amazing story. I like that neither person needed to "convert" to the other person's doctrines.. They were able to see each other as sincere and authentic persons while still maintaining their own convictions.

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