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Ah The Life gave a positive review for one of his books. The man claims that he was a member of the Hitler Youth and is trying to save American from becoming like the Nazis.

Here are a statements taken from different articles on his blog.

The 60 “pastors†who declared Obama to be sincere Christian are obviously no Christians themselves. How on earth can a politician who makes mass-murder abortion a part of his political platform be a Christian. I shudder that such a person represents this great nation. These kind of pastors are as responsible for their government as I was and I am.

Children in America are still being taught today in their schools still the same godless fantasies of Charles Darwin as the German schoolchildren were during the Nazi years. Hitler was attracted by his evolution theory which strengthened him in his policy. The Nazi leader always spoke of the “master race†and of the “strongest and most successful people†who deserved the best before all others in any society. The Cambridge Encyclopedia defined the evolution concept in the following way: “Evolution occurs by means of natural selection acting on individual variation of the fittest.†Before he died Darwin is said to have withdrawn everything he had stated as wrong! 

Almost daily, ACLU extremists launch savage assaults against Americans, the Boy Scouts, communities, schools, people with devout religious beliefs, and even against such hallowed traditions as Christmas and Easter. Their 2200 lawyers are working hand-in-gloves with judges across the country that are sympathetic to their cause and are being paid for what they do with government that means taxpayers money. That must be stopped. Like Hitler and the Nazis they are driving God out of the schools and society and try to limit pastors to preach only personal religion. They apply the lie that there is a constitutional separation between church and state

He seems to think that the Nazi party was communist but maybe I misunderstood him.

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Natalie at Delusional Womanhood also has a post on him, lifted verbatim from WorldNut Daily without attribution. Apparently there was a period in her blogging life when she stole most of her content from that illustrious publication.


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I'm really sick and tired of extreme pro-lifers being on President Obama's case because he's pro-choice...George W Bush was president for 8 (long) years and he never outlawed abortion. I'm sure that if a president would really want to he could make an executive order banning abortion. I tend to think that W is not as anti-abortion as he liked to project though; he most likely saw his Dad being soft on the issue and that didn't help help hi re-election bid.

So yeah, anything that some people can pin on "big bad Obama" they'll do, because we know that deep down inside they cannot accept that a black man is President. And while I'm not American so my opinion doesn't count much, whoever Americans elect next year becomes the most powerful person in the world so their votes have serious repercussions elsewhere. Any of the current GOP contenders would most likely be a disaster as POTUS, so I hope that Obama gets re-elected. These bozos don't realize that Obama has to clean up the mess left behind by W and co. Two wars ain't cheap, as the big tax cuts given to billionaires.

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