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Annamatrix Rapture Watch V.5670000


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Since it has been approximately half a million rapture predictions from Anna, these days we only have 19 days from her latest prediction.

Prepare yourselves Hive Vagina. The end is yet again nigh.


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The Day No Man Knows

You know the day I'm talking about. That I've been talking about for years and years, now. Well, I have been stepping up my talk of it - more and more - because there are only three weeks left.

According to the Six-Month Suggestion,

the rapture MUST happen before January 1st, 2012.

For those who are new or haven't been here in a while, here it is, again:

Jan - Jun 07 Trib Begins w/ENPI (7-year covenant) by Solana begins

Jul - Dec 07 Seal 1: Blair's world religious unifier job, AoC begins

Jan - Jun 08 Seal 2: Ezekiel's war preps begin (Gog's "reconstitution")

Jul - Dec 08 Seal 3: Economic collapse; recession/depression begins

Jan - Jun 09 Seal 4: Swine Flu pandemic begins

Jul - Dec 09 Seal 5: Martyr's Plea (unseen to us on earth) begins

Jan - Jun 10

Seal 6: Preview for martyrs; Major terra Events step up/begin

^ ^ ^ ^ ^

BEGINning of Sorrows completed, Rev 6 fulfilled,

3.5 years finished, WEU disbands (ENPI backing falls)

Anything goes, as far as time period is concerned, now.

Jul - Dec 10 Rev 7:1 Four angels stop winds until Jews sealed

Jan - Jun 11 Rev 7: 2-8 Sealing of Israel from the World

Jul - Dec 11 Rev 7: 9-17 Rapture of the Saints from the world

What in the merciful sweet Jesus does any one of those lines mean?

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Prepare yourselves Hive Vagina. The end is yet again nigh.

YAY! It's been nice knowing you, folks.

I love Anna's rapture predictions. Love. Them.

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