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Rebekah, are you sure of your interpretation?


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One of Rebekah Anast's dreams:

Yesterday, June 18th, I took a nap and around noon – one o’clock I dreamed the following:

I was weeping with great, overwhelming sorrow. The grief was so great that I wondered if my baby had died… or one of the other children… I had never experienced such deep grief. I asked God “why am I grieving like this?â€

My perspective widened and I sensed a group of other people around me. All of us were grieving in like manner. I think the group I stood with was larger than I could see, but I was so consumed with grief that I could not focus enough to observe it specifically. I only knew that we all wept with terrible grief. Again I asked God “what are we weeping for?â€

The answer sounded like this: “Lay Markay†with the last syllable being accented. Because it was totally unfamiliar to me I said “what???†and it was repeated. Still, I didn’t understand it, and this time as it was repeated, I saw it written like this; “Les Markéâ€â€¦ Then I understood (from the “Lesâ€) that it was being said in French and that was why I didn’t understand it. I also now knew how to repeat it because it was written for me phonetically. So I repeated it aloud and woke up.

Hmmm, wonder what could be deep within her memories, or on her mind last June? She goes on:

Gabe said that he thought it meant something like “The Marked Ones†and double checked on google translator to make sure. He assumed I was saying, “les marqués.†The root word “marque†means brand, mark, imprint, etc…

Ah, as in stripes of the lash, bruises, or a mark on the soul left by an unfair, rigidly limited upbringing and life?

Or maybe these marks (Warning -- graphic):


But, no:

We prayed about it and the meaning seemed plain. We were weeping for those who had been marked. We were weeping for them because they were lost to us forever… more completely than physical death. Those marked had by this obeisance submitted to the Beast… and were now headed for the Second Death: Rev 2:10-11; Rev 20:4 (unless they subsequently repented in the short time remaining). Too many of those marked were loved ones, family, friends… Now I understood the terrible grief.

The question remaining was, “why in French?†Not sure we got a clear answer to this. Maybe the mark begins to be issued in France, or maybe the manufacturer is French… not sure. Maybe it was simply the Spirit giving me a “message†that had to be interpreted by someone else, in this case, Gabe. Like “doubling†the message.

Oh, of course -- silly me. :roll:

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If I might be so bold as to suggest that the foreign-sounding “Lay Markay†would best be translated into English as "Malarkey"

ma·lar·key also ma·lar·ky (m -lär k ). n. Slang. Exaggerated or foolish talk, usually intended to deceive

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i think you're onto something. You must have the gift of interpretation Gabe doesn't have. The marks affecting her psyche must be the ones buried from her memory. She only remembers being spanked one time? And they laughed afterward? Like Michael Pearl's chickens are laughing? Yeah right Rebekah.

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Who knew that God prefers French as his first language?

I know! In most of the movies about Jesus I've seen he speaks English with a British accent.

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Thoughtful, could you post please a warning or hide the pictures in a spoiler tag?

I'm so sorry, Ladypuglover -- that was thoughtless of me.

They were in a previous thread, twice, so I just picked them up and put them in, in my outrage.

I will do that.

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Is she saying that these murdered children were marked by the Beast???? Did I misunderstand?

No, she's just spouting the whole "mark of the Beast" routine she'd been taught.

My point is that someone with her upbringing, and with the controversy surrounding her family, had a dream about weeping for marked ones. And yet it never occurred to her (or it did and she knew she couldn't go there, in public) that it might be about her own whippings, her siblings, or the hundreds of beaten children that have suffered from her father's teachings.

Even interpreting themselves or her parents as the "victims," although disgusting to me, might have been amore logical.

I'm generally from the school of thought that dreams are either meaningless or my mind processing something from my own life, not mystical messages from on high.

But it's all outside them, in their world -- all bad things come from The World of liberals and "sodomites," and all good things come to them and their followers, from God.

So of course it just couldn't be her mind struggling with a real issue -- nope, it was a God-given message about the Unsaved. :roll:

ETA a thought I forgot to put in on the first try.

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