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I'm not sure how this woman came on my friends list... most of the fundies on my page are people I know. But this woman, Joanna Graybill, had this to say today:

Examine yourself. Will you fit into heaven right now as you are? For example ...

Drinking. If you drink alcohol, do you think you'll be doing that in heaven in the presence of God? (Hey Jesus, hand me another beer)

Smoking. Do you smoke? Will you be doing it in heaven?


Cursing. Do you think you will be cursing in heaven?

Anger. Do you think you'll be yelling or getting upset in heaven? How about frustration?

Fornication. Do you think you'll get to keep living in fornication in heaven?

Adultery. Do you think you'll get to continue on with your adulterous relationship in heaven? (divorce and remarriage; having someone else's spouse)

Unforgiveness. Do you think you will be able to continue holding on to the unforgiveness you have in your heart when you are in heaven? (so many things fit here - one would be not loving your enemies. Another would be not taking a repentant spouse back but instead choosing to live with another. And so on.)

Unloving. Do you think you can continue on not loving people when you are in heaven? (going to war, killing people, or supporting it, divorcing a spouse, being angry, well, so many things will fit here too)


Whatever you are doing right now, can you imagine being able to do it in heaven? If you cannot, then you had better STOP. Jesus gave us power over sin and death. He gave us grace to teach us and help us overcome.

SIN WILL NOT ENTER HEAVEN. If you are living in sin, you do NOT belong in heaven, you belong in hell. Repent and start living a life that is pleasing and glorifying to the Lord

I had this to say haha

Drinking: Even in Jesus' time, people drank alchohol. Wine! Jesus turned the water into wine! If your thinking "grape juice" then answer me this: In Jewish weddings, it was common for the good stuff to be served first, and as time went on, the cheap stuff was brought in... because people were too drunk to notice! It says so RIGHT THERE IN THAT STORY!!! Yet, what Jesus made was the BEST OF ALL, and it was saved for last.

Going to war does not nessesarily mean you are unloving. Without soldiers, how would we be free? It's not pleasant, NOBODY likes it... but if they didn't fight for our freedom, where would we be? We could all be beholden to another country, another religion, another way of life..... and so on. The Duggars might not have 20 kids. We might be worshipping another God. You NEVER KNOW!!!! Unfortunately, it's the way things are. If we want to be free, it has to be fought for.

Those were the only two I felt able to touch in a satisfactory manner. I thought I should share with you guys. I still don't know why this woman is on my friends list, or how I found her haha

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When I read "those were the only two I felt able to touch in a satisfactory manner..." I thought it said Something like "There were only 2 words I could think to add in a satisfactory manner." :dance:

I thought that was awesome you told her that. I think you can guess what the two words were I was thinking of. :) :whistle:

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Can you imagine posting dumb facebook statuses in heaven? No? Then you had better STOP.

This. If she is a Christian then she knows Jesus died on the cross to cover our sins. She sounds like she just wants to judge others as if she was God.

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Isn't she one of those head covering missionaries (in Central America if I am remembering correctly?)? I think she has a blog

ETA: Ah yes...aloveofthetruth.blogspot.com/2011/11/does-follower-of-jesus-go-to-war-did.html

Had to look through my blog list

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lol, that's Joanna of obedienttomyhusband.blogspot.com and several other blogs

She's friends and real life buddies with Joanne.

They're both part of the Church of Monett - the street preachers with huge signs and women with huge headcoverings group out of Missouri. Their collective commenting made the owner of one of the old headcovering groups shut down.

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