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New Dad's Corner on horrors of youth groups!


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New Mom and Dad's Corners are out on the Maxwell's site.


Steve's is on church youth groups, and I know this will shock you, but he's against them! :o



Here is the email he received that led to this (and probably parts 2-113) corner;


My husband and I attended a recent conference of yours. We were so blessed by it. We wanted to say thank you. My husband decided after listening to Manager of His Home that our children were no longer going to go to youth group on Wednesday nights. He did this because we started noticing changes in our children.


Our children hadn't gone to youth group for six weeks when the pastor came by and asked us why our children weren't attending. My husband told him that a big part of it was the secular rock and roll they were playing. Our children were coming home humming it. :( We were told that they believe if your children are firmly grounded in Christ it will not affect them. I couldn't help but think about our twenty-one-year-old daughter who wound up getting into secular music due to a youth group and her dad and me not having her heart. We didn't want that for our other children.



So this 21 year old has chosen to listen to secular music thanks to this youth group. Maybe she decided, hey I'm 21 and I'm going to listen to something besides conservative Christian music? Does this have to mean that they've "lost her heart"? Maybe she's just decided to be her own woman at 21? Does it have to mean she's lost her salvation?

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If listening to secular music is the worst thing your adult daughter does, then you have no real problems.

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