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[Repost] Columbus, Ohio Duggar appearance - today at noon!

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luckylibrarian said:

Just a note for Columbus, Ohio folks:

The Duggars are appearing at the Barnes & Noble on Olentangy River Road at noon for a book signing. I can't go, but if anyone goes, please try to take pictures!



Hopewell said:

Rats! I'll be right by that NEXT week...




Austin said:

OMG, I was just in that shopping plaza yesterday picking up self tanner at the Beauty First store there!

Ack, I'm glad they weren't there then. I have no interest in seeing them whatsoever.


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Shit, if I only I hadn't taken a brief internet break this weekend. That's actually not too far from the Nocturne house (and near where MamaNocturne works).

Actually, it probably worked out best for the Duggars...I doubt I would have hidden my snarkiness towards them very well. ^_^;

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