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From the Redding paper: Bethel service leaves me wondering


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At the foot of my street there's a modest home, a rental. Some of the neighbors call it the "Bethel house." Parked outside are sometimes as many as half a dozen cars. Their license plates tell the story — Texas, British Columbia, South Dakota, Indiana ...


On Sunday morning this week I was inspired to rise early and follow these young people to church to see what the fuss is all about, what drew them to Redding.


Below are my impressions from the 8:30 service at Bethel Church.


I arrived with 10 minutes to spare and found a traffic jam on College View Drive, so I parked in the lot at the bottom of a hill and hoofed it up to the church.


This is no Crystal Cathedral. As you approach it, Bethel looks unpretentious, utilitarian, even ugly. The service was held in what appeared to be a gymnasium/basketball court. The place was packed. My girlfriend found two open seats on one of the risers at the back.


http://www.redding.com/news/2011/nov/19 ... leaves-me/



This is EXACTLY the impression that LeftyMom and I had of Bethel.

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I have a relative who is very involved in Bethel and has been running with that crowd since back at Little Country Church when it first came up (it has closed and reopened several times). I also have a friend who was present at a funeral service led by the current leader of Bethel when he tried to raise the body from the dead. I can probably answer any questions and give details if anyone wants them.

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