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My heart's breaking - child beaten to death


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Near some friends of mine in Saint Louis, a 20-year-old mother has been charged with second-degree murder in the death of her 13-month-old son, who she hit repeatedly when he wouldn't stop crying.


First, broken for the poor baby.


Then, broken for my Junior who would've gladly taken that baby, he and his wife, so far inexplicably, not being able to have any of their own.


And broken for the stupid, unprepared, tragic, ruined-life mother.


And broken and raging at the Pearls and those who endorse them! What was the difference between beating a 6-month-old with plumbing line or a switch, and this mother's fatal blows?


Oh, right, right -- they'd smirk, "She hit in anger, we nevvvvver hit in anger, and she was an unmarried, immoral woman."


Bullshit! Hitting is hitting! And while the mother probably never heard of the Pearls or the Ezzos or the Duggars or others who "train" their infants, their poison is in print, online, talked about, endorsed, in-the-air everywhere.


To be fair and rail at the other side: They are as responsible as people who reject adoption out-of-hand, rather than encourage unmarried, young, stressed-out, unprepared young couples to consider their baby's welfare, and not just their own need to "have someone who'll love me unconditionally" and/or a cute babyfriend/accessory.


Flame away on the adoption bit, my tears are going to quench the fires. I'm going to be offline for most of the day, I'm not ignoring anybody's arguments. Just fyi.


Unspeakable sorrow. And anger, frustration.


God rest the baby's soul. God be merciful to the mother and those most devastated in her trail of damnable foolishness.



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The world can be such a beautiful place, full of wonder, and then it can turn on you in a dime to be a place of pain and horror where people can do things, uspeakable things, and there is seemingly nothing we can do about it. It doesn't matter if you read about it or see it personally. It's imprinted on your brain forever. I have written on here before about a little boy in Dallas who was killed in a horrible way. I try to say his name ever so often just so someone will remember him. But I still burn with anger about what happened to him.

I don't have any great advice for coping with this, MJB. I myself try to enjoy the good times and ride out the stuff that I can't wrap my mind around as best I can, but never emerging unscathed. I guess none of us do.

It helps me to have friends and family around, even friends on the internet. It helps me to see some silly movie. I even googled once, "how do you stop thinking about something terrible" when your mind keeps going there. I think listening to music was the best idea I got from there. As a Christian, it helps me to pray and listening back.

But if it helps you at all, know that there are bunch of strangers here on FJ who dearly love you and who also feel your anger and frustration at this horrible crime. Who will stir up some whoop-a$$ as best we can to make sure people know about this crime. And who also loathe the Pearls with every fiber of our being.

Peace and friendship to you and all who read here in this little community on the 'net.

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