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More Phoney Jews

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I post on a public forum that is largely populated by IFBs. These folks are big supporters of fake Jews of the Lina and Tony type.


Anyway, I just lost my patience with an apologist, she's a skirt wearing, head covering fundy who doesn't believe women should preach or vote (but spending 12 hours a day on a forum is ok). Oh her latest that got me going was Jesus wasn't a Jew so the phony Jews are more Jewish than the Jman. She's a big fan of Zola Levitt but claims she stopped financially supporting his ministry when he died. Her husband is purportedly a retired prof from some bible college in the South and she says with all conviction that her husband knows that one can believe in Jesus as the messiah and still be faithful to the Jewish religion.


I really had to vent before my head exploded.


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Jesus wasn't a Jew? Then what was he? Maybe she thinks he was a Christian. Better yet, he was an IFB, KJV-only, complementarian patriarch. And in ATI.

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Wait... if Jesus wasn't Jewish, then what was Mary? And more to the point, if Jesus wasn't Jewish, that's another Messianic prophecy he doesn't fulfill. This woman sounds loopy.

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