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How do you like my Fundie Characters?


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Yes, after doing many readings and researches of the fundies we talk about here, I would like to share with you my characters that I have written for my stories. I won't show my stories with you yet, I'm still not finished, but I would like to show you characters based on Dougie, the Botkins, Maxwells, Duggars etc. So Enjoy, and tell me what you think?


Here are Doug Philips and his family;


Filbert Blackwater-a Pastor and Elder of his own Church, he practices Dominion Theology, an advocate for Antifeminism and a lover of Patriarchy. He is a androcentrist (male-centered) and a homosocialist (enjoying male company). He is straight but finds women somewhat disgusting, at least independent women; his father was a 'manly' preacher and his mother was a free loving hippie. He was scared of his mother but loved his docile, domestic sisters. He enjoys dressing up in periodic clothing and celebrating Christian events, mostly manly Christian events such as the Titanic, ancient Christian persecution and WW2; all which he thinks are Christian inspired. He's chauvinistic, anti-secular, anti-liberal, jovial, patriocentric and slightly narcissistic. Filbert seems to have an obsession with leadership and portraying men as protective, honest, pious, virtuous, masculine heroes in his sermons or in the films his ministry makes. And every time he speaks of women, it is mostly in terms of modesty, childbearing/rearing, purity, and that daughters/wives must be protected and cherished as delicate flowers who must heed the word of the good book and obey its rules of marriage, submission, and keeping the home in check. He strongly opposes public schools, youth groups, feminism, and even environmentalism; stating the the good book teaches Man is given 'dominion' over all things as stated in Genesis. He believes misogyny means 'feminists hating women and forcing them to work as harlots, with pants and sleeveless shirts, and forced to work in places where men could take advantage of them. Feminism is a hatred of family, marriage, homemaking, forcing women to go to war and let the State raise the children (which has connections with Communism and Marxism), and favors abortion and lesbianism'.


Pella Blackwater-wife of Filbert, a lovely lady of virtue and femininity. But virtue is somewhat loose in this term; Pella could be very generous, by giving only quarters, onions and jam to the homeless; she can be proper, only to politely insult heretics and heathens; she can be compassionate, only to see small children as an utter annoyance. Above all, she is sincerely sensible, picky, inconsiderate and a crybaby.


Titus-Filbert's eldest son, very cute but with many issues; he's a homophobic, anti-catholic, arrogant, attention-seeking snot who thinks of himself as manly because he works out and has fun with his father all the time. He's secretly bisexual but tries to oppress his crush on sexy male celebrities. He calls all Catholics 'Papists' and all Gays 'Sodomites'.


Alberta-Filbert's eldest daughter, an uptight, pushy, smug young woman with the tendency to be a voyeur. But is mostly obsessed with her own hygiene; she gets very panicky around dirt and messes. Another thing about her is that she has fetish fantasies about wolves; as a child, she loved reading fairy tales about wolves and finds them seductive and rough.


Jobelle-second eldest daughter, a graceful little daddy's girl with a beautiful voice and a streak of Electra Complex; she's jealous when her father is with her mother, sister or other women. She can be antisemitic, islamophobic and impatient. She literally dreams about marrying a man exactly like her father, almost like a clone. She also has a secret fantasy of being raped by him. Her other interests include cooking, playing the piano, sewing, and squashing mice.


Mather-second eldest son, obsessed with creationism and Christian science, kind of nerdy, foolish, awkward, bossy, asexual but enjoys being with his brothers and father a lot. Despite his asexuality, he seems to have a slight obsession with masculinity and male physique. He also believes in old obsolete theories about gender, sexuality and race.


Howard-youngest son, obedient and naive but a taunting teaser. His interests include squashing ants and spiders. He has a phobia of dogs.


Hopeful-youngest daughter, a sweet, obedient little girl but a nosy, eavesdropping tattler. She likes playacting/ridiculing feminists, showing off her dresses and trapping butterflies in jars to let them die.

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Here is the Botkins;

Godfrey Bodychen-the head of the Bodychen family, growing up in the fundie church he absorbed all the teachings and beliefs. He works as a butcher and part-time street preacher. He appears as a warm, kind grandfather figure but he can be very authoritarian, rigid, misogynistic and loud. But he has a deep affection for Victoria and his kids, and he never wants them to leave. Godfrey has a Paranoid personality disorder.

Victoria Bodychen-a middle-aged woman and wife of Godfrey, she was once an anti-feminist activist who married Godfrey to fulfill the ideal family life. But that dream was futile and hard work, for years of back pain and labor she molded herself bitter, unsympathetic and cruel to those that are worse than her. She came to believe that her own gender is internally weak and easily misguided despite her own unsympathetic feelings for women who have harder lives than she does (prostitutes, homeless, rape victims). In truth, she doesn't want to face the reality of outside world, she's too afraid of it. She has a special likeness for lilies.

Isaac Bodychen-the oldest son, a bookworm and biblical scholar. Isaac is passionately determined to abstain until marriage, but secretly looks at ancient Greek/Roman statues to his pleasure. He loves his father greatly and would follow him blindly without questioning. Isaac may be a lover of books, but he's not really worldly-wise, he disregards worldly wisdom as worthless as 'bubbles'. He is serious, humorless, opinionated and has the tendency to brag. He can also be disrespectful of other faiths and smugly prides himself to be in his father's religion.

Noah Bodychen-the youngest son, an athlete and handyman. Noah is handsome and attractive and lost his virginity early in secret. He also loves his father but he often finds him bumbling. No matter what his crazy religion says, he finds ways to bend the rules and sleep with many girls as possible. He's self-important, promiscuous and romantic but unwilling to make a commitment or to respond to a woman's feelings, not out of misogyny but out of apathetic indifference. He can, however, be retaliating when rejected.

Grace-Wisdom Bodychen-the eldest daughter, a graceful stunning beauty with blond hair and gray eyes. She almost follows her mother's ways, she does believe women can be wicked if not guided properly, but she herself can be very sanctimonious; she has a obsession with attention and privately lets out a curse word or so. She may have concerns for 'sinful' people but she is unwilling to admit her own hypocrisy, and she really thinks her father is somewhat of an idiot.

Promise Bodychen-the youngest daughter. A pretty brunette with pigtails and pearly teeth. She loves to follow her mother's ways, some of it, but she does have the tendency to be a self-righteous cowardly bully. The irony is that because she's named Promise, she has never kept a promise in her life. She's too foolish and easily impressed by muscles. Promise suffers from epileptic seizures, which make believe she's experiencing 'holiness'.

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I like these. Can you do one of the Duggars?

Here you go,

Melchizedek 'Mel' Doogood-head of the Doogood family, a one-time lawyer and shyster until his conversion to religion. Mel is optimistic, paternalistic, ambitious, patronizing, gloating and orderly. He loves having the last word in the house and having himself some peace; watching sports/political TV, reading newspapers, drinking prune juice and eating bananas, sleeping with his wife whenever he feels like it and expecting to have a new baby (mostly boys) .

Jessica 'Jess' Doogood-wife of Mel, a black-haired beauty. She was once Jewish but ran away from her parents after meeting Mel, she believed him when he told her that her faith needed 'improvement' with Jesus in her life. Jess is very feminine, emotional, oversensitive, domestic, neurotic, standoffish and secretly wished she would enjoy sex without getting pregnant. She enjoys decorating rooms with flowers, allergic to cats, eating non-kosher food and remains passive to a fault. She has a high-pitched, shrill laugh.

Mordecai-the eldest son; very clumsy, accidental-prone, incompetent, stuttering, only good for serving as the waiter of the family.

Misti-eldest daughter; very beautiful and blonde, with one big black wart on her butt. She's narcissistic, materialistic, and dreams of becoming a belly-dancer, after watching too many TCM movies of the Arabian Nights and Sinbad.

Mash-second son; handsome, athletic and strong, the pride of his father's joy, although Mash is humorless, frustrated and sexually dysfunctional. He has a phobia of black cats.

Mered-the hardworking son; mechanical and computer wise but insincere and cowardly, with a irrational fear of red-haired people, and has a lazy eye.

Myra-the unattractive-looking daughter; very ugly with freckles, moles, and a hairy unibrow. She's melodramatic, dismal, courteous, and a pyromaniac.

Magdalene-the sleazy daughter; a promiscuous, sluttish bimbo with an unhealthy obsession of masculine nudity and muscles. She can be forceful and downright hostile with other girls in competition for cute men's attention. She even peeps on her own brother's muscles.

Meah-the bitchy daughter; feisty, irritable, catty, with anger issues. A rebellious girl but not very intelligent or bright. She reads books without fully understanding the messages.

Mijamin-the attractive but ugly son; an amputee with one leg and one eye. He has often been the butt of the many jokes and pranks of his siblings. Secretly voyeuristic, moody and sensitive.

Mara-the eccentric daughter; born when her parents were smoking heavily. She is cunning, observant, annoying, giggly, rude and a kleptomaniac.

Moab-the twin brother of Mara; equally weird and annoying, but very calm and less observant, bipolar, sneaky, conniving and tricky.

Moriah-the spoiled daughter; very selfish, pampered and greedy, always wanting new clothes, perfumes, jewelry, shoes, baubles, trinkets and snacks. She has a phobia of snowmen.

Micah-the 'angelic' son; sweet, meek and dutiful, but truly a flattering and mean-spirited bully who hates French and the French people. He's a good fist-fighter and blackmailer.

Melita-the hypochondriac daughter; very whiny, ill-tempered and a crybaby. She believes she can get anyone to do her bidding though tears and pains, she is insensitive to others' dilemmas.

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I have never heard the term homosocialist before. :) It would be very accurate for Doug though.

Hihi a phobia of snowmen! :occasion-snowman: (Okay that particular snowman looks creepy).

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I have never heard the term homosocialist before. :) It would be very accurate for Doug though.

Hihi a phobia of snowmen! :occasion-snowman: (Okay that particular snowman looks creepy).

Omg, where did you find that snowman smiley? That is gonna give me nightmares.

I like your characters finleeport. Really well done and well thought out. Will look forward to reading your stories!

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Here is the Maxwells in all their glory;

Stein Mackstream-a business man who works in a home-school ministry called Defending Faith and has its own website. It preaches about home school education, training children and family activities. Despite all his devotions to his family and faith, Stein is actually a smug miser; living in a RV bus with and making his living by selling his ministry’s books and products while hoarding most the money for himself. He claims all this money for God and gets berserk when someone steals any.

Terin Mackstream-the wife of Stein, a bright and loving homemaker, homeschooler, wife and mother but she manages to write monthly Motherhood Merriment, an article that talks about religious womanhood and motherhood. However, at her core, Terin is miserable, materialistic and vitriolic; she cannot stand the freedom of liberal women but maintains her lifestyle by assuming God has found favor in her.

Lathan-the eldest son and the pride of his father, Lathan is equally greedy and dishonest as his father, but manages to spend time with his wife and children. Though he does have a sense of honor; he enjoys women hitting on him but remains true to his marriage vows.

Topher-the second child and son. Engaged to his bride-to-be Maribel, but seems to have fun with other women but remains loyal to her. Topher is somewhat ignorant of the world, he knows how to have fun with girls but never understands what they talk about. He is completely unprogressive, chauvinistic, uneducated in history and geography.

Sarabeth-the third child of the family, she takes photographs of the places they go too and is learning housework from her mother. Sarabeth is always waiting for her right man to serve but no man has find her interesting since she is too skinny and has unattractive features, thus making her bitter, rejected and frustrated.

Jody-the fourth child of the family and the musically talented; he loves playing the violin and guitar. He used his music to sell religious CDs. His other job is carpentry which he enjoys a lot. He may be sweet and helpful, but also very melodramatic, pushy and bossy around his younger siblings.

Ewen-the fifth child and the most handsomest man in the family; a clever, hardworking mechanic/handyman with the body of supermodel. Unfortunately, he is greatly narcissistic, sexist, autoerotic, suspicious, but falls for beautiful female nudity oftentimes.

Annalee-the sixth child and the beauty of the family; she enjoys cooking, helping, making soy cubes and playing the flute. Yet despite her mild manners and helpfulness, she is truly self-deniably hardhearted and uncaring.

Jesiah-the seventh child, a hardworking and obedient adolescent with no ambitions other than to follow his father’s footsteps. He enjoys playing the flute. He is a wimpy, unadventurous coward with no self-esteem.

Mallie-the youngest child and daughter, a delightful and jovial little adolescent who enjoys sewing, walking, baking and playing the triangle. Yet behind her family’s back, she smokes and swears, and at her core she is pretentious and vulgar.

And the Bradrick family;

Mitchell Broderick-a sturdy 62 year old missionary, anti-humanist and remolding businessmen. He enjoys his work a lot, as he enjoys himself as well; he drinks, but not to often, preaches the word of God, loves his wardrobe and thinks highly of himself. Mitchell is a conceited man, obsessed with his beliefs, his household and his authority, tends to be bossy and shows a no-nonsense, serious attitude.

Suzanne Broderick-the wife of Mitchell, a 58 year old dame, mother, homemaker and former feminist. Ever since she gave up feminism, she thought she was going to have a perfect life, but she has had nothing but misery, regression and self-pity. She has molded herself into a bitter, snobbish, disappointed, repressed, loving but jealous helpmeet.

Angus-the oldest son of Mitchell and Suzanne. A handsome and gentle man, who has secret thoughts of pedophilia and pederasty. He’s 27 years old and unmarried. He loves calling himself the ‘Pied Piper’ because of his ‘love’ for children. He works as a teacher and tutor. He’s also delusional, voyeuristic and self-righteous.

Lizzie Betty-the second eldest and oldest daughter, she sings, cooks and cleans for the family and never tires of it, sometimes. She is beautiful and bright but secretly promiscuous, cunning and vain; sleeping with many young men and shows no shame in her abortion of her own children, for she never loved children at all. Her husband, Bart Drew, is equally unfaithful and also finds children annoying.

Kathleen-the third eldest and second daughter. She’s a bookworm and a health student, she insists people on eating healthy and getting enough nutrition. Yet she herself is gluttonous but controls her weight. She has a sensitive but greedy and nosy nature. Her husband, Jack Hens, is a chauvinistic simple man easily swayed by chocolate.

Krissy-the fourth eldest and third daughter. She works as a gardener, nurse and home keeper. She has a lovely talent for designing and landscaping her garden, but that’s all she loves to do; she is timid, prissy and suffers from an inferiority complex. Her husband, Craig Timbits, is a charismatic but impotent sourpuss who teases her out of ill-humor.

Cecilia-the fifth child, a good seamstress who enjoys sewing and baking bread, of course she has her own secrets; she has frigidity, which makes her outwardly pure and virginal, but inwardly frustrated, bitter and envious.

Elena-the sixth child, a gracious little angel married to the angelic Jenkins Rowdy. Elena may behave angelic, but underneath it all she was annoying, pampered, spoiled and downright self-centered. Even Jenkins is no angel; he gambles and takes morphine.

Rocky-the seventh child, married to Callie Kelman. Rocky is a natural-born leader, with vision, intelligence and charisma, but he also has an edge to him; he’s self-important, boastful and possessive. While his wife is just plain awkward and clumsy. He also has a nasty habit of spitting in the toilet after he pisses.

Horace-the eight child, a handsome youth engaged to Katrina Wilson. He works as a handyman, and is also infatuated with horses. He’s joyless and sly.

Evan-the ninth and youngest son, a talented photographer, bisexual peeping tom and autoerotic pervert who likes to take pictures of women and men in underwear or in lingerie. He’s jovial and melodramatic.

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Here is Isaac Botkin with his History Navigating Team;

Ike Cutler-is the team leader and visionary of the Exploring History project. His greatest passion is to bring aesthetic creativity, leadership and religious truth in the world of ideas. He believes he is fighting in a cultural warfare devoid of meaning and excellence. However, Ike is somewhat irrational and naïve; most of the times he is an insufferable, disrespectful, hubristic self-made perfectionist.

Devon Norman-a youth of Middle-Eastern descent, he can speak Egyptian, Chinese and Arabic. He’s a student of cultural customs, languages and religions, yet he promotes his faith above all others. Albeit a gentle-natured youth, he has the capacity to dissociate himself from freethinkers, liberals, feminists, homosexuals, heathens and non-conservatives. He’s tenacious, timid and claustrophobic.

Esteban Bowes-the lead camera man and production editor, he’s half Latino and half white. He has skills in cinematography, graphic arts, visual effects and operates on the special effects. With all his talent, he prefers to waste them all on his teammates instead of his own ambitions. Esteban is always fascinated by the journey he goes through, but he could such a nosy, misguided, tactless brownnoser.

Kester Hark-the IT expert and managerial muscle. He also is the team’s bodyguard. A natural-born leader and off-the-cuff speaker, Kester loves to make things happen. He likes to supports his rights while infringing the rights of others and endorsing his beliefs on them. He’s single-minded, self-justifying and secretly promiscuous.

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  • 3 weeks later...

Here's something separate about the Botkinettes;

Hanna Cutler-the eldest daughter, an exceptional beauty with golden hair and green eyes. Hanna is all proper and full of virtue, but virtue seems to be a stretch. Hanna can be very influential, but arrogance best suits her; she's a mouse-crusher (she hates and fears mice), a blustering (boastful) linguist, an unimaginative writer, a serious dullard (boring person), cold-shouldered, obsessed with manners, a pathetic crybaby, and an unfunny bookworm. She reads and rereads the scriptures without any full understanding, and has no patience for 'heathens' when asking questions that she really couldn't answer well. She believes black cats are satanic, that Black Fridays is the devil's holiday, and that feminism is poor excuse for women to be loose and become lesbians. Hanna is very homophobic, anti-Islamic, antisemitic, and has a debase hatred of irreligious or 'fallen' women. She wishes she lived in a time when sinful folk were graphically executed.

Elsa Cutler-the youngest daughter, with chestnut-brown hair and brown eyes, she's pretty but not enough to surpass her sister, which has a hidden jealousy in her eyes. Elsa loves gardening and cooking, she's very talented in writing but has very outdated ideas for stories. Vanity perhaps describes her well; she's an attention-seeker, a mirror-gazing idolater, a single-minded conservative, deluded of being 'godly beauty', thinks white skin is pure and dark skin is filthy, distrustful of other women (except her mother and church) for she's an internalized misogynist, uninterested in boys for she's self-loving, has anxiety issues, and self-denyingly hypocritical. Elsa worships her father like a messiah, and she would not tolerate any insults towards him by any 'outsider'. She's callous of other people's misery (even raped victims), has both a hatred and fascination of snakes (even dreams about them erotically), prone to dramatics and has a great hatred of the exaltation to the Virgin Mary, believing Mary to be a slut and unfit to be part of the Bible, along with Deborah, Jael, Judith and Esther.

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FJ no longer has a fan-fiction subforum. Many (not all, but a lot) of the "stories" in that section got very creepy and many FJers found them very distasteful and we came to view them as rather a liability. There are other places on the internet that will host stories in the fan fiction genre.

This is being moved to Worldly Distractions, but we really want to discourage the fan fiction stuff here at FJ. It has the potential to cause us a lot of problems.

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Is this fan-fiction by another name?

i don't think it's technically fan fiction...fan fiction is using the exact characters, and these certainly aren't. they may be based on real people, but they're not those people exactly [and, really, what fictional characters aren't at least partially based on real people?]

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Here's one of Lady Lydia;

Selma Mann-the founder and chairwoman of the Royal Society of Beautiful Womanhood, a society created to teach women the old conform traditions of femininity, virtue, modesty, maidenhood, and silence. Selma and her society are anti-feminist activists; condemning the Suffrage and the Women’s Rights movement for ‘turning innocent girls into primitive Indians’. Selma is a very determined woman, very prudish, squeamish and Victorian, but overall inconsiderate and internally misogynistic. When she hears a woman has been raped her first thought is 'What was she wearing?" if she was a wear revealing clothes, she would insist that it was the victim's fault and not the man's for dressing up as an 'African tart' (her words). She would not show any sympathy towards girls who have lost their virginity, considering them to be 'wild and untamed lepers' (she believes all non-virginal women are diseased and damaged). Overall, she has a intolerable hatred of missionary women, female politicians, women in law and medicine, and most of all nuns, ordained women, and Wiccans, calling them all;

"Goddess-worshipers who are actually worshiping an effeminate Satan, who has cursed them with infertility for being educated beyond their minds as females. Women like them cannot understand the importance of motherhood and submitting to one's husband. A woman is a delicate creature that must learn to be obedient, gracious, feminine, silent, and keep her home at peace with joy and tidiness, in the way that God has planned for them".

The problem with Selma, she can't think outside her bible, she sees all her critics and people questioning her beliefs as trolls or as 'Pharisees'. All she really cares about is for women to go back being mothers and caregivers as she was taught. She takes it both seriously and devoutly. She always sees herself as a Persecuted Christian in Rome, and that her negative critics as 'Company of Fools'. She fetishes the past history of upper classes being examples of traditional femininity, and ignores the working classes and their harsh conditions of living.

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