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gotta love republicans canidadates.


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This is a real good one.

TRENTON, N.J. (AP) - A political candidate in New Jersey is taking heat for tweeting that the way for a woman to keep her man is to be a "whore in the bedroom."

Republican state Senate candidate Phil Mitsch says he didn't mean to offend women. He says the comments were a version of advice given by others, including women.

Democrats attacked Mitsch for the tweet as well as others the candidate claims were doctored.

The state GOP has also withdrawn support, telling The Philadelphia Inquirer his comments made him unfit for office.

Mitsch's tweet read: "Women, you increase your odds of keeping your men by being faithful, a lady in the living room and a whore in the bedroom."

Even without the controversy, Mitsch was a long shot in solidly Democratic Camden County.

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Yes, I always seek marital advice from politicians from NJ. Or how to hide your gay lover or your prostitutes or where to bury the bodies.

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Did he have any good advice how a man can keep his woman? Maybe by not being a sexist twit?


Someone should tell him, the concept that the guy should work on himself might blow his mind.

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This is the mayor of my town. :( I read the article at the top of the paper first thing in the morning (yea i saw those pics! :P )

Two things: Our system here is sooooo corrupted our mayors are "appointed" by, guess who, their friends that sit on the council with them. They are all arrogant human beings.

secondly- this is one of the guys who wants to use tens of millions of the residents tax dollars to fund a private development to bring big box stores into our community. so they want the resident business owners to pay taxes to bring in stores that will run them out of business. :evil: I have not talked with a single resident who wants this but they keep plowing through with it.

I am furious that with all the backroom dealing that is going on with this whole thing the only thing the "news" cares about is him sucking on this guys weenie! :twisted:

Quite a legacy we have here now. A township that is going to sell its residents and small business down the river, and a mayor that "no one" knew was gay!

Oh yea and the jerk has 2 young kids. And don't try and tell me his little wife had no idea. :roll:

for further reading on rediculosity read these two links....

our small town cop who thinks he is some big time vice squad....crying about a chest poke...


and the plan to raise township taxes 25.44 percent...(to pay for their publicly funded private development.


I hate NJ it is a laughing stock.

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