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Robyn's Baby?


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Janelle's kids all have normal name spelllings, although everytime I hear the name "Garrison" I think of Mr./Mrs. Garrison from South Park.

Solomon is an ugly name for a little boy, but it could have been much worse. I noted that Kody - the self-proclaimed metrosexual in touch with his feminine side (oh, the irony!) - had no input into the selection. So I'd guess Christine is entirely responsible for her kids' god awful names.

I almost felt sorry for Kody during this episode. What a dick of a "best friend" that guy was. I don't doubt it's hard for Kody to have any friends outside of his family and I think his sadness over this is genuine. The wives at least have each other.

But you make the bed you lie in. Or beds, as the case may be.

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