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Political Memes, Comics, and other Shenanigans, Part 34


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"Racist Putz With Putter"


One of my proofreaders asked if someone actually said the F-word with the N-word about one of the Capitol Police officers victimized in the insurrection by the Trump terrorists. She did not watch the January 6th Hearing this past Tuesday.

Yes. Capitol Police officer Harry Dunn testified before the committee that during the attack, one of the rioters told him they had a right to be in the Capitol because Donald Trump invited them, and that “nobody voted for Joe Biden.” Officer Dunn told the terrorist, who was wearing a pink MAGA shirt, that he voted for Joe Biden. He asked her, “Does my vote not count? Am I nobody?” She replied with, “You hear that, guys, this n***** voted for Joe Biden!”

First off, they claim nobody voted for Joe Biden and it was all election fraud, but when they’re confronted with someone who says he voted for Joe Biden, they want to kill him. For Trump supporters, voting for Joe Biden is a crime while committing an insurrection to destroy our democracy is not.

Dunn testified after the woman called him the N-word, that about 20 members of the crowd started booing and calling him a “fucking N*****.”

CNN ran the entire hearing uncensored. Later, they ran back audio of the segment uncensored. I saw the clip again on CNN and MSNBC where it was censored, but just the F-word. They still let the N-word fly. I find that puzzling because as you see here, I’m way less terrified of the F-word than I am of the N-word. I will drop “fucks” in here all day but I don’t want to quote someone, even in their own context, using the N-word. Fuck that N-word.

I don’t like the N-word and I’m not comfortable with it. An anchor on Newsmax said he refused to believe Dunn’s testimony without audio. Yeah, it’s incredulous that Trump supporters which consists of Nazis, Klansmen, Proud Boys, Oathkeepers and other various white nationalists, would ever say something racist. Why would racists want to support a guy who defends Nazis and calls out Proud Boys? Sheesh.

Of course, if he had personally heard a Trump supporter saying the N-word at a black cop, he would have found a way to claim it wasn’t racist, like the numerous times they had to defend Donald Trump’s racist remarks.

Other conservatives went after the testimony from Dunn and his fellow officers, calling them “crisis actors.” They went after them for whining about being gang-rushed by white nationalist terrorists. Tucker Carlson called Officer Dunn a “left-wing activist.”

That’s how conservative media presents people who are anti-racism and anti-terrorism. Why, they must be “left-wing activists.” The irony here is that they defend the terrorists as “activists” and “tourists” yet, claim being an activist is a bad thing if it’s from the left.

Every single person who defends the mob is a defender and supporter of racists and terrorists. I’m tired of having to say this, but the people who attacked the Capitol were terrorists. If you’re a Trump supporter, they’re your terrorists. Republicans have even made terrorist Ashli Babbit a martyr for being killed while trying to overturn an election and destroy democracy.

If conservatives really want audio to prove how horrible they are, in case footage of January 6 isn’t enough, they can listen to the voicemail left for officer Michael Fanone while he was testifying. In the voicemail, a racist homophobic (listen to it) Trump supporter says, “I wish they would’ve killed all you scumbags.”

Fanone sustained a traumatic brain injury, a heart attack and a concussion during the attack, and has since been diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder. Republicans on Twitter called him a “pussy” for this. Keep in mind, Donald Trump hid in a basement when peaceful black protesters were outside the White House.

Officer Dunn was asked if this is America. He said, “Frankly, I guess it is America. It shouldn’t be. But I guess that’s the way things are.” Trump supporters are racist. That’s the way things are.

Dunn said he and the other officers testifying “represent the good side of America, human decency. We appeal to the good in people.”

Republicans appeal to the worst of us. Donald Trump built his political career appealing to hate. His entire tenure in the White House was a shout-out to racists. He spent four years, and continues to do so, playing to white grievances. This has been the strategy of Republicans since they enacted the Southern Strategy for Barry Goldwaters’ presidential campaign in 1964…and they haven’t looked back since.

Republicans are attacking the people trying to defend the nation from terrorists. Republicans are defending the racist terrorists. If the Oklahoma City bombing happened today, Fox News would be telling you Timothy McVeigh was a tourist who lost the keys to his rental van. Despite the van being full of fertilizer explosives, they’d say he wasn’t “armed” because he didn’t have a gun. Fox News and Timothy McVeigh had that in common…they’re both full of shit.

The real crisis actors are the ones pretending Trump supporters would never say anything racist.


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