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90 Day Fiancé The Single Life


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The 90 Day Fiancé franchise keeps expanding with ever more titles. One of them is "The Single Life" where some of the most cringeworthy 90 day alumni try dating in front of cameras. It rarely works well, but the train wreck is why people watch.

One reoccurring character is Colt Johnson on his third 90 Day show and season. First he brought a gal from Brazil named Larissa stateside on the K-1 fiancé visa. They married and divorced after Larissa was arrested a few times for domestic violence. His second season Colt dated another Brazilian woman named Jess. Once again he jumped in fast but the twist was he was also having an affair with Vanessa, a friend with benefits. Predictably that didn't end well. 

This season, the first for "The Single Life" Colt is trying to find closure with Jess in order to convince Vanessa he is a changed man and will not cheat on her. Several things came up that have me wondering if Colt is a fundie. 1) Turns out his super intrusive controlling mother Debbie home schooled him growing up. (Colt is now 35 and lives with his mom and six cats in Las Vegas.) 2) He seems to have a sexual addiction, as in he wants to have sex with Vanessa three or four times a day. HIs ex Jess confirms this on the show. 3) He is constantly diminishing the seriousness of his sexual demands by calling his demands on Vanessa "the intimacy problem." Of course it isn't HIS problem and if Vanessa cannot learn to service him as many times a day as he wants they might not work out YET he loves her and wants to propose to her about five minutes after she agrees to be his girlfriend with clear reservations. 

I have never heard him mention God or religion but some of his issues and attitudes  remind me of Josh Duggar. 

Has anyone else noticed this? 

I hope I put this in the right place, I couldn't find a current 90 Day thread with a few searches on site. If I just missed it, admins, please put this in the correct thread/discussion. 

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