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Michaela & Brandon 6: She Is an LPN and He Is Boring.....


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3 hours ago, Karma said:

I have one friend who didn’t work during IVF because she found it emotionally very difficult.  But she was 47, had been working since finishing uni and could take her long service leave.  (She met her husband in her mid 40s and they did end up with a lovely little boy.)

Slightly different,  but when I was diagnosed with cancer (a year ago today!) I told my spasmodic casual job that I’d be unavailable for shifts, so that I was available for appointments whenever they were scheduled. (I kept my local more stable and flexible job until I couldn’t physically manage the hours.)

Sorry to hear about your diagnosis. It is challenging to go through any health issue while maintaining a normal work schedule and cancer truly sucks. I'm going through a lot of testing and treatment at the moment and have postponed my return to work until it is a little more clear cut. Emotionally I'm all over the place and physically some days are better than others. Thankfully my new job is being very open and accommodating with me. 

With Michaela I have to wonder if: 

1. the attitude of her family has led to some decisions in this regard. While they are taught to trust God's judgment regarding when someone will have a family, working 40 or more hours a week would not indicate to them a person who is ready to be a mom. Alyssa's remarks on that Nightline episode come to mind where she said something to the effect that she didn't want to start a career she might love only to have to quit when she got pregnant. 

2. Michaela might be waiting on that final word. Nursing was always the back up plan at most. Maybe for her own sanity she needs to hear that there is nothing more that can be done (either through science or her beliefs) before she feels comfortable taking that step into working full time. 

3. Yes, many of us in many different fields have found flexibility and accommodations in our current careers. I am lucky to say I have found such things too. However, Michaela isn't really that experienced or skilled in asking for such things. In her life she is the one to do things without being told and never saying no when asked to do a chore. Her working life could be a nightmare for diagnosis and treatment. A coworker is late so she covers. Someone wants a day off so she agrees to fill in for her. I can't really picture her negotiating hours and time. As I said, my new job is being very accommodating. I had to learn how to ask for that though. And for me that was tough. I think it would be for Michaela.  

4. Some have speculated that the reason for the move back to Tennessee was to participate more in the show and make some money. If that is the case, a nursing job would interfere with that because of privacy restrictions. Add in COVID protocols and there would be little that could be filmed with her. 

5. I do wonder if she had the idea that if she busied herself with school that she would just miraculously become pregnant. It didn't happen and now she's got diploma and no real plan for what's next. I have some friends who graduated during COVID who feel that way and are feeling very lost at the moment because all of the previous plans seem frivolous and the new ones seem like settling. 

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