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Do any of you guys use a menstrual cup? What have your experiences been like?

I just started using one for the first time. I bought a cup that's apparently the tiniest one on the market but I can still feel it in my pelvis, which is an odd sensation. Well, it's getting the job done, anyways!

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I love mine! I use a Femmycycle. I used a couple other ones with the traditional triangular shape and I hated both of them. They were painful and I couldn’t get the right fit no matter what I tried. I tried the femmycycle because it’s a bell rather than a triangle and for whatever reason that shape works for me but the triangular ones were awful. 
I can still feel it but only in the sense that “I’m wearing it” vs “I’m not wearing it.” It’s like a subtle, non-painful feeling if that makes sense. 

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Maggie Mae

I started with the Diva Cup and switched to what I think is the Luna cup, sport model. They seem to need to be replaced once a year or so, as they don't "pop" open around my cervix like they did when they were new. 

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@Giraffe, I bought a Femmycycle one but can't use it because taking it out is too painful (even when I fold it.) I was so bummed!


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The butcher's wife

That's interersting @Maggie Mae, I bought my first Diva Cup in 2011 I think, and it still works for me most of the time, though not as reliably as it used to (maybe I should look into ordering a different size; I'll be 30 this year). I think it said at the time that you should replace them after five years or so, but it still looks perfectly good to me 🤷‍♀️. I bought a Meluna sports edition last year but I have had more trouble popping it open than my old Diva cup so I mostly keep using that. The only time I can't use either one of them is when I do Pilates; I always dislodge them doing pelvic floor exercises. 

@indianabones, maybe try a different brand and a softer cup? The ones I know and have used have a more cylindrical shape and you can order them in different degrees of stiffness (of the material), which might make them more pleasant to use and easier to fold up/remove.


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I did! I had the Divacup, the small size, pre-Elder and it was great! I haven't gotten one that fits really well since, though; I tried the larger MooncupUK and it tends to slide down uncomfortably, alas. I'm looking at the Venus Cup as an option, but keep hesitating. They're so expensive if they don't work! 

Outside of the initial "oh, no, it's stuck!" the first time and once when I yanked without breaking the suction (ow), the Divacup was very comfortable. I had a bit of awareness that it was there, but no more than I would with a tampon. The Mooncup was comfortable IF it stayed in place; if it slid it didn't hurt and still worked, but it was a very strange feeling.

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I love mine. I had a Diva size 1 for a couple of years (recommended for women under 30/who haven’t given birth). I was happy enough that I wasn’t going to change but when I was 31 I started having issues with it leaking. I switched to a large Super Jennie for the added capacity. 

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