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Maxwell 45: Steve Flaunting His Vest Deferens

Coconut Flan

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5 hours ago, IReallyAmHopewell said:

10:07 am Let dog out. Pet cat. Stop petting cat due to enjoying it.


I can't stop chuckling over this...

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Hope Sarah recovers from her concussion.  And I really mean that.

Back to the comments regarding scheduling and Bible Time.  Do the girls really still have Bible Time early in the morning.  Seriously (pun intended) Sarah is 39, Anna is 28, and Mary is 24.  At that age they should be able to determine when to get up and when to fit individual Bible Time in their day.  And what is Steve's reason for having Bible Time twice a day.

I have also seen when the "extended family" visits they have Bible Time with them.  When the extended family goes home do they have Bible Time then too?  


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6 hours ago, Bluebirdbluebell said:

They didn't tell us about the concussion when it happened back in June. That proves they don't tell us everything. Sarah could have more going on that she isn't telling us about. 

I think it goes back to the purpose of their blog. They don't have their blog to share everything in their life. They use it for, "ENCOURAGING, EXHORTING, EQUIPPING CHRISTIAN FAMILIES IN JESUS CHRIST." I think this allows them to hold back information or perhaps even be untruthful without feeling guilty. Everything they share is in support of that mission. Hopefully, their life seems duller to us than it actually is because they are only sharing things that they feel will encourage other families. 

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23 minutes ago, SPHASH said:


I have also seen when the "extended family" visits they have Bible Time with them.  When the extended family goes home do they have Bible Time then too?  


I’m interested to see when “extended family” became a thing. Not to make myself sound TOO knocking on the door of knowledge, but I am reading the blog from 2011-on and have little going on. I’m cooking some theories. 😆 

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Poor Sarah.  When I said I wanted a post that really gets inside your head, that wasn't what I meant!  (Also I didn't actually say that.)

This explains a lot, though it would have made sense to mention this the first time too.  Is is a one-off injury not deemed important enough to deserve blogging?

BTW there was a previous Sarah injury, in 2019 or maybe even 2018: she dropped a kettlebell on her foot getting it in or out of a vehicle.

... oh wow it was 2017.  time flies.  https://blog.titus2.com/2017/05/06/being-still/

The blog search turned up no results for kettlebell but google found it.

When changing page on the blog, the sidebar went from "Join 863 other subscribers" to "Join 862 other subscribers"!  Has anyone kept track of the subscriber count in past screenshots?

But I like her dress in the new photo.  That's a nice blue.  Oh, and that's snow!  I kinda forgot about snow cos it's summer here and yesterday was the hottest we've had in a few weeks.  (Now it's rainy again.)

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17 hours ago, kpmom said:


Sarah considers her life fast-paced?  I guess my definition of fast-paced differs from hers.  Has Sarah ever done a day in the life post about her own day?  Judging from her posts on her sisters days I just don't see anything I would consider fast-paced. 

Here it is  https://blog.titus2.com/2017/09/11/a-day-in-the-life-of-sarah-maxwell/  

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Heh, I just noticed the first comment on the post starts with "Oh, poor Sarah."

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A few years ago I had some students come out to interview me about living with a developmental disability. One of them asked what I do all day, and I roughly summarized it, and she said, ‘Oh! So it’s basically what everyone else does in their free time!’

I didn’t say so then, but that comment really hurt. Being on social security disability (I don’t know the equivalent in other countries, sorry) means that managing my health is basically my full time job. But on my good days, I kind of am like a stay at home daughter, and I do fill my time with things that people who work full time do in the time they don’t work. It’s just that everything I do takes me longer, and I need many more breaks to recover.

It’s weird to think that I have something in common with stay at home daughters. I guess I’m a stay at home....singleton? Spinster? I live by myself. I get up every day and change clothes. I drink coffee. I clean a lot, both because my OCD is out of control lately and I had a bedbug a month ago. I do spend a lot of time online, but I also go grocery shopping, which will leave me utterly exhausted for a few hours. I have 2-4 medical appointments (usually virtual now) a week. I bake, I read, I watch television, and pre-pandemic I spent a lot of time with my family, including babysitting the niblings. Navigating the maze of social security, Medicare, state health care, and my local housing authority that manages my apartment complex takes a lot of time because some organization always wants some proof of this or that.  I’ve spent the last month dealing with the fallout from the single bedbug I found, and then dealing with the symptoms I developed after my apartment was exterminated for them. I don’t know why but I do feel there is never enough time for anything. I think the schedules probably make sure that Sarah never feels that way. The Maxwells don’t have the emotional capacity to deal with unexpected things and so they....don’t. 

and now I have to go finish my coffee - I’m running a good hour behind because I had such a bad IBS attack last night that I ended up with an ambulance ride to the ER and didn’t get home till very late. (I am now in love with IV Zofran and if I ever had a first child would seriously consider that for a name.) And today’s goal is: get my digestive system up and working again. That’s it! Poor Sarah, having to recover from a concussion and stick to her regular schedule. No way Steve let her sleep in no matter what her medical status was.

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On 2/10/2021 at 9:02 AM, sparkles said:

Chick-Fil-A (which I will pronounce as "chick-fill-uh" til the end of time) 

I do too!!

A neighbor used to talk about “ Chickafill “ and it took me a while to figure that out.

22 hours ago, Alisamer said:

Her entire life is what the rest of us do in our lunch breaks and after work, TBH.


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6 hours ago, CyborgKin said:

Heh, I just noticed the first comment on the post starts with "Oh, poor Sarah."

LOL! I swear, it wasn’t me. :) 

19 hours ago, IReallyAmHopewell said:

A Day In the Life

4:30 a.m. Wake up, pee, so bathroom is free for the rest of the family.

4:35 am let dog out.

4:45 am let dog back in.

4:50 Be sure coffee maker is set up]

5:00 am Make bed.

5:04 am Joyfully start day as family drudge


6:30 Measure dry ingredients for muffins

6:33 am Measure wet ingredients for muffins

6:45 am Hear Dad in shower--put muffins in, check coffee maker

7:00 am Serve Dad his completely vegan heart healthy muffin and coffee

7:01 am Serve Mom her completely vegan heart healthy muffin and coffee

7:02 am give Mary and Anna side-eye so they serve themselves and thank me

[fast forward]

10:05 am. Answer wrong number call.

10:07 am Let dog out. Pet cat. Stop petting cat due to enjoying it.


11:45 am Prepare lunch

12:00 Serve Dad his completely vegan heart healthy lunch

12:01 Serve Mom her completely vegan heart healthy lunch

12:03 Encourage Mary to have a Servant's Heart while grabbing a chair and sitting.

12:05 Kick Mary under the table for slamming down my plate and calling it an "oppsy"

12:06 Kick Anna under the table just because Dad laughed at Mary's slam of my plate.

12:07 Note to self: Count Mom's pills again--eyes very glassy.

12:10: Slip dog a bite of tasteless completely vegan heart healthy lunch.

12:11 Watch Arnold play with the bite of completely vegan heart healthy lunch that dog spit out.

[Fast Forward]

3:01 Beat Anna to the door to greet the UPS Guy.

3:23 Give up sinful thoughts of UPS Guy taking me away with him and go back to editing  whatever it is.

[Fast Forward}

3:30 Joyfully serve everyone 4 grapes as a snack.

[fast forward]

One word: Brilliant! I never giggled so much at Maxwell and won’t again until I see Sarah happy. 
My mom was the greatest but she couldn’t help but have favorites. My sister & I were talking about that. She had told her husband, being funny, “Mom would never have sent me away for a summer, but she might have done with MJB.”

She was then all kinds of astonished to know that BigMamaJB had actually put 6-yo me on a train, alone, to visit relatives a 5-hour ride away for a week.  Granted, it was a VERY different time, but still, I don’t believe she’d have sent Sister.  

But I think of that in re: the Maxgals. Full sisters they are, but Anna and Mary have lived such different lives than Sarah. And I’ll say it: I think Steve & Teri probably favored the younger two. Hence my tendency to root for Sarah. 

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