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Coconut Flan

Maxwell 43: Divesting from the First Church of Stevehovah Reversalist

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The link originally contained links to their “grocery store list” in three different formats (Word, Pages and something else). Now it’s only got the Costco and SAMS list. 

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Coconut Flan
5 hours ago, fundiefan said:

The point being - your personal shopping list or process is pretty useless to someone else. We don't all live the same lives, have the same preferences, have the same comforts, etc. 

I have tried Terri style lists (worked much better when it was more than me), lists on the phone, and now I'm back to paper and pen.  The list stays in my handbag now so I won't forget it.  I add pantry items when I take the last one out of the pantry.  I add frozen food when I open the last bag/package and similar with fresh food except produce isn't written down, it's a given, unless it's a special item.  Items for my mom are either on subscribe and save or go on the list when I take the one on the shelf to the facility.

I do have one unusual custom I developed due to having out of town medical treatment every four weeks.  It would probably drive Steve batty.  Rather than having to pack every four weeks and going down a master list, I simply bought duplicates of everything and keep the suitcase packed.  I wash the clothes in it when I get home, roll them, and repack them.  When I empty something, the empty goes in a special pocket and I replace it when I get home.  It's so much easier to have the suitcase always ready to go.

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3 hours ago, MamaJunebug said:

Depending on my mood, I either photograph the shopping list board or copy the items onto a sheet of a pad of paper that’s also magnetically attached.  But then, I shop only for me. 

I do exactly the same!

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