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Charles City, Iowa School May Leave Conference Over Racist Incident


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I hope they do 


After a Charles City player faced racist and bigoted comments made by opposing fans during a summer baseball game against Waverly-Shell Rock Community School District, a district task force has recommended that the school leave the Northeast Iowa Conference, and start its own athletic conference.

The task force was formed this summer. It included district leadership, students, coaches, parents, and a facilitator from outside the district. Jeremiah Chapman, the Charles City player who faced racist comments, was also a part of it.

The group made the recommendation during the school board meeting on Monday night.

While standing in the center field, Chapman said fans screamed things like “Get back to the fields!” and “You’re only here because of George Floyd" at him. In July, he told KWWL it was not the first time he has dealt with comments like this, but he said comments in the past were not as hurtful as these ones.

Or have a new system where a school district gets one warning for racist incidents they don’t immediately address then they get expelled from a conference with it being one million dollars to apply for reinstatement. 

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