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There’s a new podcast called Unfinished: Short Creek about Colorado City/Hilladale. Two episodes have dropped so far. I’ve enjoyed it so far. 

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On 7/3/2021 at 4:00 PM, clueliss said:

Not a podcast, but a YouTube channel I stumbled upon.  A couple, Sam and Alyssa.  He was raised FLDS and discusses it.  Growing Up in Polygamy 


I've been watching this a lot recently! I really like how they both have evolved and seem to be just wanting to learn a lot about different cultures/religions. I also like that Sam seems to understand that while he does not feel like he had a toxic or traumatic childhood, he recognizes that abuse was definitely present in the community, and also recognizes that he had it much easier as a male as opposed to a female.

I couldn't tell if her name was Alyssa or Melissa, because every time she introduces herself she says "I'mmmmmaaalissssaaaa" ?

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