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Maxwell 42: The Young and the Vestless

Coconut Flan

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On 9/29/2020 at 1:32 PM, Alisamer said:

What does SHE really believe, and how much of what she does is just to please Steve? 

Oddly, I was thinking about her this morning.  Sadly, I think she is emotionally, mentally, intellectually stunted permanently by the vicious rigor of Stevehovah's oppression in every one of those categories.  Her energy, dreams, visions in childhood were all pre-emptively destroyed and if there was any spark left, it's been doused by watching her male siblings marry and start families while she remains at home.  

 And at least one of those brothers has now moved away.   She is still allowed to function only in the tiny box that is the life that Steve has prescribed for her. 

I get notifications on facebook from Mighty Girl, with posts highlighting amazing women in all fields.   It's depressing knowing the lives of so many smart or even brilliant fundy maidens have been limited to homeschool, then husband and kids, their horizons so limited. 

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I will never forget how one FJer figured out who Elissa was by the afternoon of the day they announced she and Joe were married!  And with nothing more than some pictures and a first name to go on.

I always think my cat looks like he’s wearing a vest. In honor of the vest titles, I shamelessly give you a picture of the reason I woke up at 5:30 this morning.   

Hey, Sarah. Retired actual copy editor here. Let me fix your post for ya.  ——- Test readers are hard at work and loving the book. (Editor’s Note: If the test readers have to work hard,

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I think long hair can be lovely on an older woman if a) she’s Emmy Lou Harris or b) wears it up like Helen Hayes,  Lillian Gish or Spring Byington, the actress in my avatar.

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14 hours ago, nelliebelle1197 said:

That is not always accurate. @Bethella how old are Steve and Teri? That seems a bit young for them.


Actually I think he was in fact born in 1951 and Teri ‘52 so @MamaJunebug is correct.

Steve is 69 (born August 7, 1951) and Teri is 65 (born August 17, 1955)

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1 hour ago, Bethella said:

Steve is 69 (born August 7, 1951) and Teri is 65 (born August 17, 1955)



My partner and myself are the same ages 😊I did a spoiler 😳

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5 hours ago, PennySycamore said:

I think long hair can be lovely on an older woman if a) she’s Emmy Lou Harris or b) wears it up like Helen Hayes,  Lillian Gish or Spring Byington, the actress in my avatar.

Well darn, thanks for clearing that up. I always thought it was Aunt Bee from Andy Griffith. 😬

I’m in the same late 60s age range as Steve and Teri (I’m almost exactly one year older than Teri) and I get why people think Steve in particular looks a little sickly. I lost a lot of weight a few years ago—over 100 pounds, some of which I kept off—and while my body looked okay for a middle-aged, out of shape person, it didn’t do wonders for my face. The major drop in weight combined with normal age-related loss of skin elasticity made me look so drawn that people really thought my weight loss was due to illness. I put back at least a good 15 pounds before my face filled out enough that I no longer looked like I was going to keel over from some dread disease. Steve has much that same look and it is what it is. 

I do agree with others that Teri’s long face and long hair combo does her no favors, but you know what?  Big deal. I don’t wear makeup, never wore heels, I hate fitted clothes so everything I buy except jeans and leggings is at least 3 sizes too big and generally from the men’s department, I’d rather stick bamboo under my fingernails than get all dressed up, I cut my hair extremely short by myself with the clippers I bought during quarantine, it’s mousy brownish gray but I don’t color it except for fun, my 87 YO mother and I are frequently mistaken for sisters (her side of the family has killer genes. My sister took after her. I took after my dad’s side, where they’re often dead before 50) and I’m sure people would find a lot to criticize about me as well, but I don’t give a shit because I’m happy with who I am. So I’ll give Teri a pass in the looks department. Frankly, even if she were the most beautiful woman on earth, she’d still be ugly because of her odious beliefs. 

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Lady Grass Lake
2 hours ago, sparkles said:

 I cut my hair extremely short by myself with the clippers I bought during quarantine, it’s mousy brownish gray but I don’t color it except for fun,

I bought an As Seen On TV hair cutting system called a Flowbee.  It's a hair cutter that you can adjust the length of the hair left, by adding these 1/2 inch spacers and a few angled spacers.  The cutter is on one end of a long hose and you connect the other end of the hose to the hose of your vacuum cleaner. When you turn on both the cutter and the vacuum, the force of the vacuum sucks your hair into the cutter through the spacers and cuts all the hair the same length.  You actually end up with layered hair.  I've had mine for almost 20 years and it's still going strong.   You can buy one brand new on Amazon and there are a lot of YouTube videos so you can see how it works.  The biggest plus, is the hair clippings end up in the vacuum bag or dirt holder and not all over the floor or down your neck.  It won't give you a beauty salon ladies fancy haircut, but if you want to keep it short and layered, it will pay for itself in just a few haircuts.    

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