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Quiverfull of Veganism

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Full disclosure: I’m not an “orthodox” vegan, but am trying a one-month vegan challenge in solidarity with family members who are facing medical issues. My baby sister, a science teacher, has adopted a whole food, virtually fat-free vegan diet to control her Type II diabetes, and it’s working extremely well for her. Our middle sister has been diagnosed with frontal lobe atrophy (she’s only 62), and we’re working towards anything we can possibly do to help maintain her “brain health.”

I know that going vegan isn’t a miracle cure, but it can’t hurt. I already love vegetables, fruits, and whole grains, so the only hurdles for me are dairy products and baked goods.

Anybody want to share stories and tips?

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I am so glad you started this thread.

I am not a vegan, but I've been doing a lot of vegan meals since starting my clean eating thing 9.5 weeks ago.  My diet is now 90% whole food plant based.

I didn't give up oil, although I have switched to only olive, avocado, organic butter, or coconut oil and use them sparingly.  

Fun vegan fact...some figs aren't vegan.  Apparently they are pollinated by wasps who burrow in them to lay eggs and become part of the fig.  I just thought that was interesting.  



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@HerNameIsBuffy, I’d already heard about the wasp-fig thing, but I’m so metal I don’t care!

Here’s a recipe my baby sister shared with me. It’s virtually oil-free, but can be made without any oil at all. It’s equally good completely puréed or chunky. My middle sister added curry and puréed hers; I added the kernels of a couple of ears of corn and loved it.

Creamy vegetable soup

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I'm not vegan, but I do have a dairy allergy, so if you're looking for a specific dairy substitute, I can try to help. Although some (like Ben & Jerry's or Haagen Dazs vegan "ice cream") aren't actually healthy. 

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On 9/3/2020 at 4:10 PM, OHFL2009 said:

I'm not vegan, but I do have a dairy allergy, so if you're looking for a specific dairy substitute, I can try to help. Although some (like Ben & Jerry's or Haagen Dazs vegan "ice cream") aren't actually healthy. 

I’ve been surprised to learn how easily I’ve been able to go without dairy—I thought I’d go into withdrawal over cheese! I get my ice cream fix by making frozen fruit smoothies with oat milk. I just had one with bananas, blueberries, mango, and a handful of raw spinach. 
I cut up and freeze different kinds of fruits (bananas, peaches, mangoes, berries) and keep them in freezer bags. I’ve done a banana smoothie with cocoa powder and vanilla and it was as good as a traditional chocolate milkshake.

I signed up for a weekly CSA (community-supported agriculture) pickup, and get a nice assortment of locally grown produce, including some new veggies I’ve never tried before.

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