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Best Ever Homemade Fries!

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Maggie Mae

 I made these last night and wanted to share.  Of course, I didn't get a picture because I didn't decide to share until after they were gone. 

Step One: Infuse some oil (I like olive oil, but it has a lower smoke point than vegetable oil, so keep that in mind) with garlic, rosemary, and thyme. (Or whatever herbs you like. I think next time I do this I might try dill - we have a ton if it.) With the garlic, keep in mind that it burns, so you'll want to heat it and then remove from heat before you burn it. I use the jarred stuff, because I find that fresh garlic doesn't have enough pay off for the amount of work it requires. But If we lived in a place that garlic came from, I might change my mind on that. Put the infused oil aside away from heat. I don't know how much of anything I used.  It was an experiment. 

Step two: (Or step 1A) chop up some potatoes. We used yukon gold that came in our coop produce box. I made them into wedges, just big enough to be dippable. 

Step three; Par boil those potatoes in water. This creates an outer layer. I can not stress this enough: Do NOT skip this step. You have to kind of guess how long, based on your potatoes and how thick you cut them. You want them to be softish on the outside and still undercooked - get a layer on the outside that will crisp up nicely.  Drain, pat dry.  Five minutes is probably long enough, but again, this depends on how you cut them and what kind of potato. Just check them every so often by poking them with a fork.

Step Four: toss in the infused oil. 

Step Five: bake.  450F, 15-20 minutes. Again, just check them every so often to make sure they are done. 

Eat and enjoy with your favorite dipping sauce. Hopefully it's not Stephen's Fry Sauce, but if that's your thing, great! 




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Maggie Mae

Correction: Step three requires baking soda to make the water alkaline. 

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