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I do bid on stuff on eBay from time to time and I also sell stuff on there too.  Thought I'd start a thread for eBay adventures, weird finds, selling on eBay, etc.

My most recent sale was of an old laptop I had.  Something a bit odd that happened this time was that someone sent me a message at 5:40am yesterday asking if I had received their payment and if I could send the thing to a different address.  It was not the winning bidder.  My spidey sense was going off right away because of the grammatical and spelling errors in the message.  And that individual was in New York while the winner was in Colorado.  Yeah, I think that was a scam and they were trying to get a free laptop out of the deal while leaving me and the winner hanging.  I turned that piece of excrement in to eBay.  Another thing to add to 47's terms and conditions - I'm only going to ship to the address listed in the bid.  If people don't like that they can: (a) go fornicate themselves; and (b) not bid on my crap.

Happens a lot when I sell stuff.  I wish eBay would make it easier to report scammers and people who can't fornicating read terms and conditions.  

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And I had a bidder not pay me for my most recent auction so he has an unpaid item strike now.  I was going to tear him a new one in feedback but the system wouldn't let me.  Now I have to do the auction again for a few more days.

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