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The Springs Ministries Summer Camp Spreads COVID-19 in Michigan

The Mother Dust

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So, in other words, you didn't just want to teach your campers about heaven, you wanted to help them or their loved ones get there faster?

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After reading "We know they will be full of various challenges, but we are clinging to James 1:2-8!" I had to go look up the verses to check they weren't like this:

2. And there were those among the church who became unwell, and came before the leaders 

3. And they angrily demanded to know why the sick had not been excluded

4. And why adequate protections had not been implemented, like masks 

5. And why the event had been held in the first place given there was a pandemic?

6. And the leaders replied "here is a copy of the waivers you signed, accepting the risk

7. And here is our risk mitigation strategies for the camp, in line with State norms."

8. And so brethren it is important to ensure that your legal agreements are watertight, lest you be sued.

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Well well, looks like they couldn't handle the consequence of endangering the public health, and they've deleted the post I linked above.   For anyone who finds this later, at least at the time I write this, their facebook page is still up and public, just the post i linked to is gone. If you google "The Springs Ministries Camp Michigan" you'll find them.   I should have taken screen shots.  But I do recall one commenter saying that the camp did not even enforce mask wearing indoors, and at one point they had the kids even singing indoors which REALLY spreads viruses.  So much for "jesus loves the little children" right?     

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