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Maggie Mae

Comfort Foods

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Maggie Mae

We all have some foods that we might be embarrassed about, but the nostalgia and other factors overrule our general sensibilities around these things. Here are some of mine. 

  • Kraft (Dinner) Mac & Cheese, no milk, add mustard. I don't eat this very often (maybe once every 5 years or so) but when I do, I'm instantly satisfied and have good memories of eating this with my childhood best friend and her little sister. I don't know. I love mustard but I'm not a big mac & cheese person, and in theory they shouldn't go together. 
  • scrambled eggs with feta - brings me back to college. For added calories, I like to serve this on toast with a slice of gyro meat. So bad for you and yet so good. 
  • homemade bread and butter pickles - my family used to eat these at my grandmother's house. I think you have to source the cucumber pickles from a very specific patch of dirt in rural Michigan. 
  • Mixed nuts in the shell, reminds me of my family and how we'd all fight over the good nutcracker (not the dolls). 

What are some of your favorite comfort foods? 

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