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M is for Mama 7: Failing at Coronavirus

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Actual conversations my family and I have had during vacation with a 1 year old recently

”I think Xe needs to come out of the water. Xe’s turning blue.”

”yes but look how much fun ex’s having! Xe loves it!”

Look at kid, whose lips are indeed blue. Listen to the utterly joyful belly laughs as kid is lifted in and out of the waves. Stay in water longer.


”Why does Xe have that?”

”well, Xe pointed to it, which means Xe wanted it, so I gave it to xir.”

This is a perfectly reasonable explanation because who the heck denies a baby anything? (Well, I did take away the screwdriver Xe got hold,of,later,that thing is sharp.)  They’re *babies*! They are tiny little bundles of delight and wonder who sit on your lap and drink bottles and think that peekaboo is a genuinely hilarious game. Abbys kids all seem like your average, wonderful children but she genuinely doesn’t see that. She only sees the work that they do or how they look in a photograph of her. In terms of too much self esteem and self promotion she’s almost as bad as JRod. She’s just much wealthier so it looks nicer.

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They changed one of the upcoming babies' names.  Not what Shaun said he wanted, nope....can't have that.  Must have what Braggie wants.  Still not spilling till they're born.

On vacation with family BUT mustn't miss a chance to talk incessantly about herself, so of course her what do you want to know Wednesday is still on.  Spoiler alert: she doesn't enjoy being pregnant!  :pb_rollseyes:

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