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Jinjer 53: Telework, Teleschool, or Telenothing?

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Bad Wolf

At least she is wearing shorts, unlike her mother at that age.

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Children under two are not supposed to wear masks because there is a real suffocation concern. Their lungs are not yet strong enough to circulate air through the mask fabric. In all honesty, a kid who is close to two years is probably ok, but two is an easy metric to follow. It’s the same principle as not have stuffed animals in bed or crib bumpers.

I wonder if it’s a private playground, like something in the backyard of a rented vacation house? If Felicity is they only kid, or one of very few kids, using the equipment and they are not in contact with lots of other people, then it’s probably fine (especially with the adults wearing masks). If it’s a public playground with lots of other kids... the current case prevalence in Southern California is way too high for kids to safely use public playgrounds.

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Having your 1-year old not wear a mask is probably legal (I do not know the specifics of their state regulations) but maybe not appropiate in this particular time. I am quite careful of what I post online, and sometimes things are legal but not appropiate, I am careful of the pictures I post, and I would not have posted that pic.

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On 7/3/2020 at 4:03 AM, AussieKrissy said:

I wonder if Jeremy just likes to cherry pick the history of this man. Or even worse he doesn’t. I wonder what he will say if he is called on it and if we will see the bust disappear? Will he say that he was a good enough man to override the slavery support, it’s all part of history?  I don’t know. What have the other supporters of not wanting slave supporting statues been saying? 
I would love to see him asked. Especially since such a prestigious place is removing theirs. 

My guess is he doesn’t have a thorough knowledge of GW or learned about Whitefield and skimmed past the slavery bits walked away with “great Christian preacher = hero.” 

I certainly think it’s possible for fundies like Jeremy, especially when he’s signed that “systemic racism is a lie!” Anti-Social justice statement to not find GW’s slave holding problematic at all . But in Jeremy’s case I think it more likely to be posturing in the first place. Like the BOOKS! Storyline. Who gets a bust for their personal library and displays it proudly on national tv? 

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On 6/28/2020 at 2:57 AM, Perrierwithlemon said:

JereME's Instagrams

I love this spelling of his name. Very descriptive. 

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