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Kansas Bureau of Investigations inquiry into NE Kansas sect

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It read like this is a breakaway sect from the Catholic Church.  St Mary’s, Kansas.  They’re drawing 4000 people and now the KBI is looking into sexual abuse allegations 

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The sexual abuse story about St Mary's has already made Wikipedia's article on the SSPX.  At least, the sect isn't sedevacandist which doesn't hold that any pope since the Second Vatican Council has been validly elected.  

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Shaquillle Oatmeal
Posted (edited)

Omg. I grew up near St Mary's KS. 

In fact, I had a teacher from there. 

The town I was attending school in was not St Mary's. My teacher always had her own apartment in the town where she taught. And made it clear her home life wasn't ideal and she needed space because of the atmosphere at home. They had a LOT of kids, also.

Anyone have any more info? Links to articles? TIA.

Also, I still live nearish there... Might merit a road trip to go investigate.

Edited by Shaquillle Oatmeal
Type-o corrected.

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