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Branch Trumpvidians 4: Deplorables Are Everywhere

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2 hours ago, Xan said:

Why did little Ben Shapiro buy one piece of wood?

Republican cosplay.


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Our Trumpian neighbors just told us they are selling their house and moving to Idaho or South Dakota because sovereignty, anti-mask, something, something.  We are hopeful we get good new neighbors, an

Moron thinks grain, yeast, and hops are not plant based.  

A few years back we had a neighbor with whom we did not get along at all. So much so, that when DH saw that they were selling their house he literally did a happy dance. Now, that house was nothing sp

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I'm pretty sure FJ discussed these bleach people in relation to a patriarch & family that came to the attention of CPS in the Denver area (IIRC) who used this bleach in his family's drinking water.  


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Moron thinks grain, yeast, and hops are not plant based.


Now that Donald Trump’s former economic adviser Larry Kudlow has taken his words of wisdom from the White House to Fox News, he wants the nation to know that President Joe Biden is plotting to force Americans to drink “plant-based beer.”

Egads. Apparently the man who declared COVID-19 “contained close to airtight” before more than 570,000 Americans died is not talking about the beer everyone drinks now. That’s typically made from grains, hops and yeast — and not an ounce of steak. (Additives may include animal products, like gelatin, but beer is definitely plant based.)

Nevertheless, he insisted that Americans would be left to “grill” Brussels spouts on July Fourth (which are apparently bad not only because they’re vegetables but also because they first became popular in Brussels, so they aren’t very nativist) and drink that horrible beer.

Kudlow’s jaw-dropping goof, possibly his most delicious ever, was red meat to critics on Twitter.


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Mmmm, meat beer...🍺🍻

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Hey Larry having a delicious plant based beverage right now. 


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10 hours ago, smittykins said:

Mmmm, meat beer...🍺🍻

SNL should do a parody where people are upset about not being able to buy meat-based beer.

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I'll have a Bloodweiser please.

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