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I know this originally aired in 2018 but when I searched "Waco" I couldn't find another thread. 

Is anyone else watching this/has watched it? I watched the first half in a short period of time but I'm afraid of what comes next. I only had a surface level idea of what all happened and this has been eye opening. 


Dammit for ruining my Taylor Kitsch crush though. I'll need a lot of Friday Night Lights/Tim Riggins to make up for him as David Koresh.

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I haven’t seen it but know what you’re talking about.  I remember Waco from news coverage back in the day

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We just finished watching it on Netflix about a week ago. The end broke my heart even though I knew what was coming. 

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I had to take a break about halfway through because I'm not ready for the ending. 

I read the preview for the ebook of David Thibodeau's book and it kind of wrenched my heart out of my chest. 

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Wolf in Sheeples’ Clothing

I visited David Koresh’s grave today! It was so surreal.

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