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Racist miscarriages of justice


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What a fucking crock. 


A Mississippi court says it will not be reconsidering a 12-year sentence for a Black man who carried his mobile phone into a jail cell after he was arrested.

Willie Nash was originally arrested on a misdemeanor charge before he entered the Newton County Jail in Decatur, Mississippi, with his cellphone. The now-39-year-old was charged with possession of a cellphone in a county jail and was given 12 years in August 2018. 

Will Bardwell, a Southern Poverty Law Center attorney, was hoping to have the Mississippi Supreme Court reconsider its earlier ruling against Nash, but the court declined that motion Thursday. Bardwell considered the ruling a miscarriage of justice and plans to appeal the case to the U.S. Supreme Court. 

The sentence is longer than what Mississippi courts would rule for someone charged with second-degree arson or someone who faced a poisoning charge with an intent to kill, Bardwell said in his letter to appeal the sentence in January.


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That’s absolutely absurd. ? There is no way a cell phone is as dangerous as a gun or drugs. That’s not even the point though, since it was the officer’s job to book his possessions into custody when he was arrested. Complete shit. ? I hope someone gets Willie Nash out of jail and then sues everyone involved in this atrocity of justice. 

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Rock Hill, South Carolina thinks sleeping naked while black is a crime 


Add “sleeping naked while Black” to the long list of things that can get you hassled, or worse, by the police.

A 71-year-old man is suing police in Rock Hill, S.C., saying cops burst in on him without a search warrant at 4 a.m. last June, dragged him from his house and forced him to stand outside, naked, with a gun to his head while they searched for some teens who weren’t there.

“The chief of police said I should not sleep naked,” he said, and when he asked why, “He said, ‘You never know when you might be going to the hospital.’ "


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      I don’t think that came out the way you intended dude. 

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