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Maxwell 37: The Moody Family Buys Matching Vests to Wear to Jesse's Wedding

Coconut Flan

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5 hours ago, FloraDoraDolly said:

Since John was the "rebellious" Maxwell child, I wonder if he gets a rise out of bringing his pants-wearing wife around to the family compound and then just shrugging it off when Steveus asks John why he "lets" his wife dress like that.

I got the feeling that he was considered rebellious because his behaviour, not his beliefs. Teri posted about John would have been diagnosed ADHD in a school, and she was proud that thanks to their homeschool system, he wasn't. They trained him to keep quiet, I guess.

Now, John is married to an absolutly fundie. John and Chelsy are training 1-year-old Axton to not to move during long church services, to not to touch his food, sleeptrained him, etc.

There ia any indication that John is less fundie than Teri and Steve. Chelsy wears pants, like most fundamentalist do. I bet that lots of Maxwells in-laws and *friends* wear pants, too. It's not a rebellion and they are used to that, despite their skirts-only blog.

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I wonder how much of the pants wearing is coming from Chelsy. In their world this would be 100% John's decision. However, I am certain some of these fundie girls have figured out how to make their husbands think something was their decision. 

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On 5/15/2020 at 1:46 AM, Lady Grass Lake said:

What is really interesting to us is, how no matter how good automation gets, there are some things that you just have to do by hand.  


I work in food industry and despite the use of automated machines, someone still has to work and keep on eye of those machines, robots etc. My work is still pretty much done 90 % by hand (maybe I should start calling myself "food artisan" now!). Since 2000 when I first began my job the machines have gotten newer (but not necessarily better) and somewhat more automated, but the work itself is still the same. You just can't remove human hands from it. 

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@LurkerOverThePond,  I was reading an article several months ago (Food and Wine?  New Yorker? Vogue? Somewhere else entirely?) about how the "smart kitchen" hasn't exactly panned out.   One of the cooktops I'm considering has  the stuff to connect to an app where you can control the cooktop remotely.  I can't think of anything more useless on a gas cooktop.

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