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Weirdest Fundie Beliefs

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On 4/16/2020 at 5:29 AM, Antipatriarch said:

Yep. When I was a kid I heard that one preached from the pulpit: "And to this day, men have one less rib than women do." It was many years later I found out it was total nonsense.

It's really stupid that anyone would claim that, given how breathtakingly easy it is to disprove.  (the rib-counting part I mean.  The 'removal of body parts doesn't pass down to children' bit is a little less easy to prove but still pretty straightforward.)  It's sorta hard for me to come to terms with how steadfastly some groups of people are against observing the world and making conclusions based on what they see.

What I heard was that if you surgically remove bone from a rib (for a bone transplant) and leave the outer membrane (the periosteum) intact, it'll grow back.  (That seems to be at least partially true, though it takes a couple of months.)

Plus all this seems rather unnecessary given that surely a deity capable of making a woman out of a rib would be able to fix a man's missing rib.

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I think the "men have one less rib" thing is a deliberate corruption of the fact that some people really do have an extra rib: https://www.flushinghospital.org/newsletter/did-you-know-one-out-of-every-200-people-are-born-with-an-extra-rib/

Obviously, there's no excuse on the pastors' part for lying about when and why the extra rib shows up.

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