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What happened to Jocelyn Zichterman?

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I heard about the book I Fired God on here awhile ago and recently read it. When I went to look up the author - Jocelyn Zichterman, I couldn’t find nothing on her in recent years. Her husband is married to someone else now and it’s kindof driving me nuts - does anyone know what happened to her? Did she die? Did they divorce and she just disappeared?

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I may regret thissays:

June 27, 2017 at 3:51 pm

The last I remember of Jocelyn was when her husband posted that she would no longer be online or posting.

I knew she had a brain tumor and wondered if that accounted for how she turned on those she once promoted.

I didn’t know her (or anyone else) involved in all of that, I think I got on the crazy train when she and her sister accused their pastor father and pastor brother of abuse on Sharper Iron. And while she had extreme swings in moods and later events showed that she was just as low down and manipulative as her father, I always had pity for her. She did seem like a victim, of something I’m not sure what, but she was one wounded lady.

But then she just got meaner and meaner, and someone posted some of the contracts she’s made victims sign, WOW. Could not believe she did that, making merchandise out of them.

What a time that was in IFB-land.

I like a good dumpster fire and much as the next person and seeing some of those holier than thou preachers exposed was good, but sometimes the human cost seemed a little high. People went way off the deep-end into a kind of permanent mental place where creating false personas to attack other people seemed totally justified to them.

I’m not a pro-BJU preson. Every BJU’er I knew always seemed pretentious, especially the preachers from there. But the thing about BJU, if you go there, you know what you’re getting into, right? Legalistic. Pretentious. Family run (at the time.) No church or board with much power to control the power hungry. Way more expensive than most. So I just never understood why anyone wanted to go there.

Thanks for letting me ramble. Brings back a lot of memories.


I found this in the comment section of this .  http://www.blessedlittleblog.com/letters-from-dad/  

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I have no idea who these people are but my worlds just collided. Is this blog by the same Sally of Naugler notoriety?

And my brain is spinning trying to figure out this Cathy Harris situation. I’m not sure if I need a family tree or a venn diagram.

I’m probably gonna be up all night trying to figure this all out lol.

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@Dee-Dee, good question.

15 hours ago, Kailash said:

@Dee-Dee She appears to have a FB page under Jocelyn Survivor Zichterman 

I'm afraid that page hasn't been updated for years.

13 hours ago, justwatching said:

I have no idea who these people are but my worlds just collided. Is this blog by the same Sally of Naugler notoriety?

Yes.  World's colliding indeed.

@Marmion, interesting find.  I can't say whether any of that comment on the Blessed Little Blog is true or not, especially about the brain tumor causing erratic behavior, but Jocelyn Zichterman is (or was) controversial.  And she does seem to have disappeared.

I think her book should stand or fall on its own merits, and is probably accurate and reliable on her IFB experiences, her family, and Bob Jones. 

However, Jocelyn caused some fur to fly in the Fundie survivors network.  There were stories of her becoming increasingly irrational in attacking others.   Comparisons can be made to Vyckie Garrison as far as out of control egotism and narcissistic behavior.  There were rumors that she badly mishandled the Tina Anderson case and Fund. 

There was also a huge feud with Jeri Massi.   However, I agree with  Jeri's review of I Fired God  here https://www.goodreads.com/review/show/601779237 .  I think it is very fair and accurate if you take out all the accusations of character assassination. 

So I don't know.  It is very sad that she had a brain tumor but may explain a few things. 

@apple1, have you heard anything recently?

Edited by Palimpsest

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I have not heard anything recently on this subject. If I hear anything I will try to come back and post.

In my opinion, all of those @Palimpsest mentions above can be notorious for seeing things only through a narcissistic lens, so their writings should probably be considered in that light.

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